The Benefits of a Solution Dyed Nylon for Commercial Carpets


Specifying a commercial carpet with a premium solution dyed nylon such as Zeftron nylon provides numerous advantages, including vibrant coloring and styling possibilities, and superior durability and wear.  Because of this, Zeftron is the nylon of choice for several carpet manufacturers that specialize in carpets for the hospitality industry.  Zeftron Business Leader Tim Blount talks about how Zeftron is a perfect solution for the hospitality industry.

 Q.  Zeftron is a “solution dyed” nylon.  What does this mean?

Tim: Solution dyed means Zeftron nylon adds its color using high quality pigments during the nylon manufacturing process.  Since this is an integral part of Zeftron’s manufacturing process, it equates to superior colorfastness characteristics and color retention when compared to “white yarn.”  White yarn is “uncolored” nylon that has its color added later in the carpet manufacturing process, not during the nylon manufacturing process.

Pre-Dyed Fiber

Q.  Why is solution dyed nylon such an excellent choice for carpets in the hospitality sector?

Tim: Hospitality environments are synonymous with sophisticated high styled carpet made with bright vivid colors and multiple textures.  As a solution dyed nylon with a color pallet that provides a wide variety of rich and lustrous color offerings, Zeftron can help designers achieve these challenging styling requirements.  Additionally, the abundant use of bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals by the facility’s staff on a daily basis makes it almost inevitable that certain areas of the carpet’s color will be destroyed, requiring the entire carpet to be replaced well before its intended replacement schedule. However, a carpet with a high quality, solution dyed nylon, like Zeftron, can prevent this from happening.

Zeftron Nylon

Q.  What kinds of hospitality environments or facilities are best suited for carpet made with Zeftron nylon? 

Tim: Hospitality environments require carpets with long-term color retention and performance.  As a result, Zeftron is a perfect solution for any kind of hospitality facility, whether for a hotel, an assisted living home or even a casino.  In hospitality settings the carpet is usually the most-noticed element, therefore it is the cornerstone for a space’s entire design.  With its exceptional styling flexibility and color possibilities, Zeftron enables designers to custom-design a carpet that makes a design statement and meets their vision for the space.  This is imperative in today’s hospitality industry where the customer experience needs to be inspirational, memorable and different.

zeftron hospitality

Q.  What advice would you give to designers who are looking to specify a solution dyed nylon carpet from a carpet mill? 

Tim: All solution dyed nylon products are not created equal.  Simply being solution dyed does not mean the color is completely resistant to bleach spills and possesses superior colorfastness properties, nor does it mean the carpet will retain its color over the long-term due to other atmospheric contaminants.  Designers should understand that the quality of the pigments used by the nylon manufacturer in the solution dying process is paramount in determining the color characteristics of the finished carpet product.   Because the carpet you custom design or specify says a lot about you and the space, it’s a good idea to select a nylon like Zeftron that has a proven history and is backed by third-party warranties for such critical things as lifetime color retention and performance.

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