Structure made with Zeftron Nylon

Earlier this month we highlighted Metal Edge by our mill partner Bloomsburg Carpet Industries. This week we present the the second pattern in their Tuva Looms brand: Structure.

Structure made with Zeftron nylon

Both broadloom woven carpets are made with Zeftron nylon. Zeftron 6 fiber is a fully renewable carpet fiber that offers not only style and performance, but the carpet is recyclable at the end of its life.

Structure is available in seven complementary colors: Corrugated, Leaden, Gunmetal, Core, Foundry, Chain Mail and Plow.

Woven on Bloomsburg’s double heddle velvet looms, this product is available in 12 foot broadloom. Structure features a 49 ounce face weight.

Structure comes in 7 colors
Structure comes in 7 colors

Bloomsburg Carpet’s VP of Sales, Jim Cody says “Metal Edge and Structure are the result of great design, great tooling and a highly versatile fiber system from Zeftron nylon.”  Cody continued, “Architects and designers will not only appreciate the appealing look of these styles, but also their ability to perform extremely well in virtually any commercial setting.”

“Bloomsburg’s ability to create innovative, stylish, and performance-driven products makes partnering with them a pleasure” says Tim Blount of Zeftron.

For samples or sales questions, architects, designers and specifiers can contact a Bloomsburg Carpet agent in their area by visiting or calling 800-575-8084. For general questions and further information about Zeftron® nylon call 800-652-9964.

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