Make A Design Statement with Zeftron nylon

A space tells a story and you are its author. What you envision you can achieve with Zeftron nylon. More than 100 inspiring colors give you the palette to create the custom commercial carpet you desire for your project. Remove design boundaries. Put your signature on it. Make a design statement

Find out more about how you can customize your next project using Zeftron nylon here:

To speak with one of our Zeftron nylon reps about getting your next project started please contact Chelsey Wolf or Dabney Jungerman. You can also reach out to Zeftron Nylon Business Leader Timothy Blount or Zeftron Nylon National Marketing Manager Richard Radke.

One thought on “Make A Design Statement with Zeftron nylon

  1. zeftronnylon September 4, 2014 / 7:41 pm

    This is a great video for designers looking to work with Zeftron nylon and our mill parters.

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