Custom Carpets- Part Two: Easier Than You Think!

By Julie Baird @Juliembaird

Last week we talked with PacifiCrest Senior Designer Julie Baird about the basics of custom carpets. This week Julie discusses the various options, processes and tools available to designers for developing the custom carpet they envision.

Q.  What are the options for achieving a custom carpet?

At PacifiCrest we offer a multitude of ways to achieve a custom look.  Designers can use our “Custom Color” program with one of our running lines or they can work with us to develop a complete “Custom Construction” product.

Q.  How does your “Custom Color” running line work?

PacifiCrest can match colors to best create the custom carpet you need.
PacifiCrest can match colors to best create the custom carpet you need.

This is a great solution for designers looking to make a custom statement in a quick and efficient way.  For a 100-yard minimum, we can match any color and turn around a custom color strike off in two days.  Designers can provide us with a specific Pantone color or send us fabric samples or paint swatches for the color they want.  Our dye lab then creates a formula that matches to their color.

After the order is placed, we can deliver the finished carpet in five days.  This turnaround is just as fast as ordering a quick-ship product and often times faster than a typical running line product.

Q.  How does your “Custom Construction” work?

All custom construction projects must meet a 400-1,000-yard minimum.  Once this requirement is met, we look at all the needs for the specific job.  We determine what nylon is required, as well as what construction type and weight would meet the performance and design needs of the project.  A good starting point for a custom construction is thinking about a variation of a running line product.

The beauty of custom construction is that during the process we do several things to engineer the carpet to specific standards.  For example, we can:

  • Make the product lighter weight to value engineer, or we can add weight to increase performance
  • Create a solution-dyed version of a piece-dyed product to meet specific and/or different design requirements
  • In some cases, we can manufacture a tip-sheared version of a loop product to create a different look
  • Take an existing construction and create a different pattern

Custom Construction is a great solution for a larger project where a signature look is desired.  It can also be an effective way to meet a particular end-use or value engineer a product.

The PacifiCrest sample machine
New state of the art tufting machine.

Q.  How would a designer start the custom process with PacifiCrest?

A custom project starts with the designer’s sales rep who works as a liaison between the designer and PacifiCrest.  Our rep writes up a custom request form, which gets entered into our product development system.  If the request is for a Custom Color running line, it goes straight to our dye lab experts.

If the request is for Custom Construction, it will come to our design department where we will draw the custom pattern first and/or determine the construction.  It will then go through our strike off department where we have sample machines that will tuft and finish a sample to be submitted for the designer’s approval.

Q.  Does PacifiCrest have any specific tools or resources to help designers through this custom process?

Absolutely!  As a boutique mill that specializes in custom carpets, our goal is to make the custom process as simple and efficient as possible.

CAD renderings give designers the ability to create custom patterns
CAD renderings give designers the ability to create custom patterns

One great tool is our CAD renderings.  CAD renderings provide us the ability to add logos, create patterns and establish the exact colors a designer requires.  Utilizing this tool can save time and money and ensure that the finished product is exactly what the designer envisioned.

Additionally, our newest product, 42nd Street, is a great tool for custom color.  I like to call it a “coloring box” since it is a 42 oz. cut pile product in 72 colors.  The architect folder contains three additional solid-color texture products.  Designers can simply select a texture and a color.  If we do not have the exact color a designer is looking for, we can match to it.  This palette gives designers a great starting place.

We are also developing a tool designers can use for Custom Construction products that require carpets made with a solution dyed nylon.  We’re pleased to be partnering with Zeftron on this.  The “kit” will contain several items, including two samples that demonstrate the feel and construction of the carpet from our new tufting machines.   The kit provides a starting place for designers to begin a Custom Construction – designers can choose a pattern and colors.  From there we can create a CAD rendering or a tufted sample.

The PacifiCrest-Zeftron custom kit provides a starting place for designers to begin a Custom Construction
The PacifiCrest-Zeftron custom kit provides a starting place for designers to begin a Custom Construction

Q. What else would like to add?

Designers should not be afraid to do custom.  A custom product is an excellent option for today’s commercial interiors industry where more and more clients not only want an exceptional look, but one that is also uniquely distinct.

That being said, it’s important designers work with a mill that has the experience and capabilities to make custom carpets.  PacifiCrest has a long history of being a custom carpet mill.  We take pride in meeting the custom requirements of any project with highly styled products at value price points and excellent service.  Our goal is to be a diverse supplier that can provide unique solutions to all market segments.

This year we have invested heavily in new state of the art tufting technology to further support our custom capabilities.  We now have more capabilities than ever before to achieve unlimited pattern and color flexibility.

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