Introducing Electric Blue: Part of Zeftron Nylon’s Brilliant Collection

Last week we announced our new Brilliant Collection. Comprised of seven highly vibrant colors, the Brilliant Collection adds to our already amazing palette. This week we are taking a look at the first of these colors, Electric Blue. 

Blue is a color based in nature that has some powerful emotions tied to it. According to The Colour Affects System of applied color psychology, blue is associated with cool, calm, water and renewal. Historically in design blue has been the color of the elite, the regal, and it can be found abundantly in upscale European luxury hotels and homes.

Westin Excelsior Rome
Westin Excelsior Rome

How can you amp up a color that already has such a decided place in design? Make it electric.

Introducing Electric Blue, one of 7 new colors offered by Zeftron Nylon’s Brilliant Collection.  Electric Blue brings energy and brightness to a space. It sets off other elements in a room and is a great compliment to classic colors.

The idea of electric blue nylon fiber incorporated into a custom carpet brings classic luxury into the modern age and is perfect for hospitality, corporate or other interiors environments. Reminiscent of the resent color forecasting by Color marketing Group, we believe that through collaborating with our mill partners and crowdsourcing via the 2013 Zeftron Color Survey, Electric Blue is on-trend.

Brilliant Collection
Brilliant Collection

The seven colors of the Brilliant Collection are:  Hot Pink, Lemon, Brilliant Orange, Lime, Electric Blue, Bay Blue and Raspberry Wine. These colors were designed to harmonize with Zeftron’s other colors and perfectly complement Zeftron’s existing base shades.  Each proven color, including those in our metallic and vibrant hospitality collections, is a clear saturated hue making for unlimited color possibilities.

The 7 colors of the Brilliant Collection
The 7 colors of the Brilliant Collection

“We think designers will enjoy playing with these new colors to add more fun, energy and creativity to the carpets they envision for their projects,” said Zeftron Nylon Business Leader Tim Blount.

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If you would like more information about the Brilliant Collection or would like to partner with Zeftron on A&D visits, contact Zeftron Business Leader Tim Blount at: or 706-532-2984.

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