Five Tips for Designing with the Reflective Elements Collection

At Zeftron we are continually looking to designers, architects and our mill partners for feedback. The collective feedback we received from this group was instrumental in helping us develop our new Brilliant collection. And now we have another amazing collection to share with you: The new Reflective Elements collection.

In this article, Zeftron National Marketing Manager Richard Radke provides five tips on how the colors from this new collection can be used for virtually any commercial interiors project.

Tip One: Use for Wayfinding

reflective collectionThe yarns from the Reflective Elements collection can be used across a number of different markets.  For example, as the healthcare market continues to evolve more towards hospitality, it’s easy to imagine Metallic Silver as a wayfinding element.  Rather than creating a confusing pattern, designers can use Metallic Silver to lead patients and visitors toward a specialty area, such as a nurse’s station.

Tip Two:  Use to Create an Updated Look

Hotels cannot often undertake wholesale renovations, but instead must update certain parts of their facility to keep them looking fresh and current.  Hotels needing to update the look of their guest rooms should consider their floor covering first.  For example, removing a worn out beige guest room carpet and replacing it with a darker carpet infused with the sparkle of Metallic Bronze can bring a more sophisticated and dynamic visual effect to that floor.

Tip Three: Coordinate with Furnishings 

HangtagSmallWUFurnishings are somewhat eclectic today. Fortunately, our broad color range plus our specialty yarn collections make it easy to complement new or older furnishings.  Additionally, the yarns of the Reflective Elements collection are precisely matched in hue to the existing neutral colors found in our color palette. This means any Reflective Elements colors used as accents will work extremely well with any of our neutrals or other base shade colors.

Tip Four:  Change out a Running Line Color

GoldA mill that decides to change out a color in one of their standing running lines and replace it with one from the Reflective Elements collection will instantly add a new sense of depth and dimension to that carpet.  Of course, the collection can also be inspirational for the design of any custom carpet product.

Tip Five:  Have Fun!

This collection is not just about color, it’s also about a playful bending of light. Between the light effect and color effect, this collection has a lot of flexibility and application.  It’s a great tool that gives designers more choices and inspiration to create unique carpets in a number of environments.

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