Designer Gift Ideas Galore!

It’s that time of year again for giving and receiving gifts.  If you’re still needing inspiration to select the perfect gift for your designer friend or colleague, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve pulled together ideas from a few of the best design and architect trade magazines.


Azure Magazine – “10 Great Gifts for Designers to Give and Get

This wonderful list includes a dynamic range of gift ideas.  We love the very cool 3Doodler Pro Pen, which can print in metal, wood, nylon and polycarbonate and “brings new meaning to the term ‘rapid prototyping.’”

We also find the Ryan McGinness Calendar To-Do List Pad a neat gift, especially because it has “ample space to sketch out your ideas and your day.”

Of course no holiday gift idea list would be complete without chocolate.  Azure says, “The Mast Brothers’ collection of candy bars comes wrapped in designer packaging that is as sweet as the chocolate inside.”


Architect Magazine – “The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Architects and Designers

Seven stylish items make up this list.  Architect says the selection contains “timeless pieces, which pair a muted palette with dynamic forms.”

One item catching our eye is The Perfect Cube, Boulding Blocks.  Creator Mark Boulding has developed one cube made of eight individual black or white cubes with interlocking prongs. This unique item makes it easier to build curved forms.

We also like the Standing Circles Desktop Mobile. With a steel base and aluminum circles, it “offers a visual focus point for procrastinators.”


We think any designer would enjoy The Pen Uno, Esso.  This stylish and sleek pen comes with ink cartridges in colors ranging from black to red to violet.

Metropolis Magazine – “Give the Gift of Good Design

Whether you’re a “design lover, techie, chef or history buff,” the items Metropolis has rounded up can offer the perfect present for family or friends.

They’ve organized their list by seven categories:


Eat and Drink






There’s a lot to choose from, but we especially enjoy the Kano Computer Kit – RED Edition.  Here’s the description:  “Kano lets anyone of any age build their own computer from the ground up and learn to code just like a real developer. This version of the DIY kit is a collaboration with (RED), an organization that raises money for the global fight against AIDS.”


Let us know what you think.  Which items will make your holiday list?

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