Seeing Red in February!


Since February is so closely related to Valentine’s Day, we’re dedicating this blog to our color of the month:  Zeftron’s bright and fiery, “Clear Red.”



This color is so bold and so closely resembles the signature color of Valentine’s Day that you can’t miss it.

But you’ll also find the intense hue of this color associated with other holidays or important events.  This year, the color can be seen with the 2017 Chinese New Year symbol, the Fire Rooster, which cycles once every 60 years. Accented by gold, the red of the Fire Rooster makes an unmistakable impression.  According to, personality characteristics of the Fire Rooster are ambition, pride, punctuality, courage, and passion.



In business, red symbolizes power, energy, passion, motivation, stimulation, excitement and confidence, to name a few. It is used in the design and corporate visuals of many prominent corporations, such as Coca Cola, Virgin Airlines and Ferrari.

A recent article in Psychologist World reports that red increases the pulse and heart rate.  It also states that one bank found their lines moved faster when they increased the use of red in its banking center lobby!

Because of its power to influence perception and mood, red is also a popular accent color among designers looking to enhance a client’s brand and/or create a unique space.  As an example, here are a few design projects where red is used to bring energy to a space.


Design today – whether for corporate, hospitality or public space – is bolder than ever.  If you’re looking to go bold in 2017, there’s no doubt Zeftron Nylon’s Clear Red  or some of our other bold colors can help make a huge impact upon on your project.

 Let us know what you think.  How do you consider using red in your projects? 



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