Creative Flows in Florence

This last installment of my Tuscan blog takes a look at Florence.  The Arno River, a calming influence in the center of the bustling city, provides people who stop and observe with a time for reflection both figuratively and literally.  Whether it is reflecting the cloud filled sky, the ancient towers and bridges or the more recent buildings, the reflections enable contemplation or reflective thoughts.

The deep blue waters of the Arno add a very serene aspect to Florence.  During a leisurely lunch, we were able to sit back, relax and enjoy the water’s reflections of the surrounding buildings and even the flight of several herons.  We sat with a view of the Ponte Vecchio which is very busy with shoppers and tourists, but the river worked its magic and we enjoyed the water’s ability to soften the hard-edged world around us and create interesting and provocative designs in the water.

All in all, our trip was very enjoyable and while we took in some tourist attractions like Siena and Pisa as well, we generally tried to slow down and let this old land speak to us. Design inspiration comes in many ways, but it comes easier when you step back from the busy workday schedule and really take in your environment. What do you find most effective when you need to become one with your environment and get the creative juices flowing?

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