Zeftron Attends BDNY with Encore Hospitality Carpet

Earlier this week, Zeftron attended one of our favorite events of the year, BDNY. We were there supporting our mill partner Encore Hospitality Carpet to help them show off several new exciting products made with our nylon.  And as always, we enjoyed spending quality time with some of the industry’s top designers.

The Encore Hospitality Carpet and Zeftron teams pose for a photo during this year’s BDNY Expo.

New York City and BDNY were the perfect place for the debut of Blur, a new carpet collection that combines dynamic textures with multiple colors and unique designs. Made from Zeftron Nylon, Blur brings excitement, movement, and energy to everything from guest rooms to ballrooms to hallways.  It really does capture the constant motion and energy of a big city like New York. Blur uses Encore’s advanced Colorpoint and Infinity Technologies to provide 18 different patterns and six colors for public spaces with a super-durable 42oz weight. In guest rooms, designers can choose from an infinite combination of pile heights and design repeats with four pattern and color options.


“We know designers will absolutely love Blur,” said Encore’s Design Director Dina Poindexter. “It’s such a departure from so many of the flooring designs in the market today. It’s also extremely versatile with all of the pattern and color choices. Designers can really make any hospitality space exactly what they envision.” 


Encore also previewed several other products that designers can use in various hospitality settings thanks to their alluring patterns, color options, and custom capabilities. The Interweave Collection is a great solution for public spaces and features 3 color patterns and 6 pattern designs across 12 or 15 foot repeats. For guest room areas, Encore previewed four stylish products—Connect, Sooth, Boutique, and Retreat—all of which feature Zeftron Nylon and are made with Encore’s innovative Colorpoint Technology.


If you’re interested in seeing any of the Encore products made with Zeftron showcased at BDNY, please visit Encore’s website at Here you’ll find product details as well as various room scenes to spur your imagination!

If you’d like to see photos from BDNY, check out our social media channels! 

One thought on “Zeftron Attends BDNY with Encore Hospitality Carpet

  1. So glad we were able to work with Encore at BDNY. It was a good show! The new collection is very timely and versatile as well.

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