Can Jersey Color Predict the Winner of the Big Game?

The Big Game is only days away and, like a lot of people, we’re excited to see the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams. In the lead up to the biggest game of the season, the Rams announced they would be sporting their bright blue and yellow “throwback” jerseys instead of their regular, darker blue jerseys. Being color connoisseurs, we wondered if this choice might be a winning strategy for taking down the five-time champs. Could jersey colors be the key to predicting the winners of this weekend’s championship? Let’s take a look.

When it comes to color theory and team jerseys, red usually has the edge over other colors. The aggressive, dominant associations with the color red can boost athletes’ confidence as well as intimidate their opponents. Studies have even shown that teams with red uniforms are more successful than those with any other color. The Patriots do have red accents on the uniforms they’ll be sporting for the Big Game, but is that enough to put them over the top? Maybe not, but they do have an unexpected advantage from a color that’s often overlooked: white.

That’s right, the most understated color might just be the key to winning. While in other sports, aggressive red might be the best way to go. But in football, it can actually be a disadvantage as referees are more likely to call penalties on teams with red jerseys. Maybe that’s why only one team in the last twenty years has won the Big Game wearing red jerseys. White, on the other hand, has a big advantage. Our associations with this color of being good, clean, and fresh might help football teams avoid penalty calls that would set them back. Or perhaps, it could make opponents perceive them as less threatening, underestimating their ability to win. Either way, white jerseys certainly have an edge in the championship. Fourteen of the last twenty winners have done it wearing white jerseys.

So does this mean the Patriots are on their way to another championship? The odds are definitely in their favor, but don’t count the Rams out yet. Blue’s association with intelligence, integrity, and security may work in their favor. Bolstered by the confidence that yellow inspires, they might just be the fourth team in the last twenty years to take home the trophy wearing this calm, cool color.

What do you think? How much of a subconscious role does color play in determining winners or losers? And more importantly, who do you think will win this weekend’s Big Game?

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