5 Spring-Inspired Colors to Refresh Your Next Design Project

After months of bare trees and snow-blanketed landscapes, the world is bursting into bloom with the arrival of spring. And with a new season comes fresh design inspiration, courtesy of Mother Nature herself. Spring is the perfect time to inject life and vitality into your next design project with accents of bold, bright colors that you might otherwise shy away from. Follow the lead of the natural world with these five, springy colors from Zeftron’s Brilliance Collection.

Lemon: You know spring is on its way when brave, sunny daffodils poke their way up out of the snow. These bright yellow flowers are the first promise of spring and their warm, energetic hue is the perfect way to capture the hope of the season in your next design. The positive emotional associations and energizing effects of lemon yellow make it a wonderful accent in health and wellness spaces, where it evokes the excitement of new beginnings.

Electric Blue: While April showers bring May flowers, the longer sunlight hours of spring also bring a bright blue sky that provides a welcome break from the gray clouds of winter. Electric Blue is an invigorating twist on the usually tranquil shade and is perfect for calling to mind the openness of clear water and freedom of a far-stretching sky. Maybe that’s why many transportation, communications, and tech companies have embraced this hopeful hue.

Lime: As the weather grows warmer and the natural world comes back to life, the bare branches and ground of winter give way to a refreshing green. It’s no surprise that green, especially its bright lime shade, is associated with growth, nature, and fertility. If the daffodil’s yellow petals are the first sign of spring, green grass and bright leaves signify that the new season is here to stay. Lighten up the emeralds and hunter greens of fall and winter designs with an accent of their brighter cousin to invoke a feeling of renewed energy.

Hot Pink: Across the globe, the beginning of spring is marked with festivals and celebrations to one of the season’s showiest spectacles: the cherry blossom. These delicate pink blooms appear just as spring arrives, blanketing trees from Japan to Europe to our nation’s capital. Capture the sweetness of this natural wonder in your next design with playful pops of hot pink, inspiring everyone who sees it to feel a little lighter and younger.

Brilliant Orange: As spring reaches its zenith and moves towards the warm, lazy days of summer, tulips spring up in every shade of the rainbow. But one of their most standout colors is vivid, brilliant orange. Like the yellow of daffodils, orange’s warmth evokes the sun’s optimism and energy. It’s often used by sports teams to invigorate players and fans alike and can do the same for your next design project!

To learn about our extensive color palette and how commercial carpet made with Zeftron can help you achieve the perfect look for your next design project, visit our Design Process page:

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