Zeftron and Marabella Partner To Create a Custom Rug for Renowned Boston Area University

A renowned Boston university’s business school recently renovated its lobby atrium with a bold look intended to create a more contemporary looking space. The university turned to Marabella to create a unique, custom-designed rug for the space.  Yet this rug was no “ordinary” rug.  It needed to withstand the atrium’s heavy foot traffic, work seamlessly alongside a hard surface and match the space’s overall design aesthetic.

Standing Up to Extreme Foot Traffic

Because of its location, the atrium endures constant foot-traffic from students, staff, and visitors. This heavy usage meant that the flooring needed to be durable and easy to clean.  Key to this was to have a rug product with a highly dense construction, pile height and a nylon of the highest quality.

With these requirements, it made perfect sense for Marabella to partner with Zeftron.  Only Zeftron offers superior styling and construction flexibility. Additionally, Zeftron’s tumble autoclave heat-setting generates a denser product with more bulk, providing the durability and performance essential for the new atrium.

“Marabella is committed to providing the best quality product to meet any flooring requests from our customers. In creating this unique, custom rug, we knew that Zeftron would be the only nylon that would provide both the vibrant color palette and the durability needed for the space,” shared Cindy Keasler, Designer and Project Manager at Marabella Carpets. “We’re proud to deliver a rug fit for this high profile and high traffic area that is essentially bulletproof, stain-resistant and brings an amazing creative element to the space.”

Fashioning the Perfect Rug

Instead of a traditional broadloom carpet covering the entire atrium, the school wanted a unique, customized rug that would cover a majority of the space, integrating with some hard surface areas. Although Marabella typically creates rugs that are 12’ broadloom, to best suit these requirements, they determined that four identical 20’x20’ rugs would provide the perfect result. For each custom rug, they constructed two 12’ rugs, seamed together. They then removed two feet from each piece to achieve the right dimensions. The final cut (vs. loop) product was created on a CYP machine, with a face weight of 45 oz. Backing included an action back, followed by a non-skid back, with vinyl edging. Special care was taken to prevent the rug from rolling up and causing tripping hazards.

Vivid Patterns and Bold Colors

Marabella offers a variety of vibrant patterns in cutting-edge styles. The school’s designer selected one featuring bold geometric shapes and figures. To curate a custom color combination and make the pattern pop, the designer then chose from a Zeftron pom set made up of our entire 125-plus full-spectrum of colors. The school’s colors of red and green became the lead hues, while accent colors of black, blue, ecru, and yellow harmonized with the primary colors, while balancing out the stronger hues. When the custom colors and the exciting pattern came together, the result was a modern, contemporary, and as Keasler put it, “funky” combination that neatly reflected the school’s spirit.

“We wanted to blend more useful furniture with a bold look to counter-act the traditional design of the building. Marabella and Zeftron allowed us to quickly create a custom flooring solution to meet not only our design aesthetic but also withstand the high traffic of the space,” shared the university’s designer.

Putting the Customer First

Neither Marabella nor Zeftron specializes in rug products. Yet both share an uncommon “customer-first” approach to finding the right solution. This mindset—coupled with Marabella’s exceptional design and manufacturing expertise, and Zeftron’s superior nylon—made this unique project a major success.

To learn about our extensive and rich color palette and how commercial carpet made with Zeftron can help you achieve the perfect look for your next project, visit our Design Process page.

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