What will be the colors driving commercial interior design in 2020?  We’ve got some answers!

We are proud to announce a new design inspiration resource for commercial interior designers and tastemakers: The Zeftron Color Trends 2020.

Our Color Trends 2020 is a compilation of major color themes emerging for the year ahead.  Curated from a variety sources, it offers designers a chance to explore, ponder and ultimately create new designs that are on point with the color trends soon to be taking place across office, hospitality and other commercial interior settings. This is sure to encompass interior design trends, including popular interior paint colors and carpet choices in 2020.

Here’s our color vision for the year ahead….

Country Comfort Collection – Defined by warm, natural and inviting hues, this color palette sets the tone for comfort, inspired by old world architecture and the warmth of rolling fields.  As residential design continues its influence on the contract market, these muted earth, wood and sunlight tones create spaces that feel more like home than a work environment.  

Eclectic Edge Collection – Glamorous, bold and exciting, this collection embodies the fearlessness in design that is pushing the boundaries today.  Reminiscent of the opulence of the Roaring Twenties, colors of the Eclectic Edge Collection are reflected in dashes of golds, metallics and regal reds and blues. The collection creates a sense of majesty and unbridled energy for hotel design and other hospitality environments.

Serenity Spa Collection – We need serenity in our fast-paced, deadline-driven, technology-fueled world.  The Serenity Spa Collection creates a sense of relaxation with harmonizing shades inspired by nature’s most serene destinations.  Soft blues, grays and greens bring pale blue skies, ocean breezes and open fields to life in this light and airy compilation. Colors within the Serenity Spa Collection are ideal for healthcare design and other spaces where calm, restoration, wellness and serenity are needed most.  

Download the Color Trends 2020 

We invite you to view the entire Color Trends 2020.  Our PDF booklet contains the three main color themes identified for 2020.  It also includes inspirational mood-board images, design ideas and tips, and the specific Zeftron colors that can bring your commercial design ideas to life!

Let your inspiration and creativity to flow free:  Download your free booklet here!

Explore More Color Resources 

As a premium nylon supplier for commercial carpet, we understand the critical role color plays in designing spaces – spaces that evoke emotion, connection and a strong sense of place.  We hope Color Trends 2020 ignites a creative spark to fuel design possibilities for commercial carpet made with Zeftron nylon.

Start the new decade off with a bang!  Access more color tools and design inspiration by visiting

And let us know what you think of our Color Trends 2020.

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