How the Color Red Can Energize Your Design

The color red is one of the visual staples of our intentionally designed world (it’s a primary color!), yet it is also a highly powerful color that can create a multitude of feelings, depending on how it is utilized.

For example, to many, red represents energy and action. For others, it symbolizes romance, passion and glamour. It can elicit a sense of patriotism or religious devotion. Red can even represent anger or stress, depending on the setting.

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, when the color red is synonymous with the celebration of love, we’re taking a look at this highly emotional color and how it can be used in impactful ways in different commercial design applications.

Hospitality and Dining

Because of red’s association with energy, it can be an appropriate color choice for a hospitality environment that wants to express a sense of bold design. Bright pops of red can stimulate excitement among guests when paired with the right combination of furniture and decor. 

When utilizing red in a hospitality dining space, red can actually enhance appetite and conversation among guests. Designers often opt to include red booths or lighting accessories in restaurants for this reason. In more casual dining spaces, a bright red encourages excitement and fun; in high-end spaces, a dark red creates a feeling of intimacy and an enveloping atmosphere.

In a hotel setting, adding red elements to a lobby or guest room can result in a luxury look. Primary red carpets and draperies can elicit the feeling of “old hollywood” design when paired with retro furniture pieces and high-quality materials such as silk. Alternatively, an autumnal red can result in a natural, relaxing hotel design when paired with wood, metal and stone materials – especially when incorporating natural light and indoor / outdoor accessibility.

In particular, the addition of dark red in hospitality spaces is a major trend for 2020. As we identified in our Color Trends 2020 outlook report about which color combinations are going to be driving design this year, there is a renewed focus on rich, glamorous and bold color combinations that reflect the opulence of the Roaring Twenties. This combination includes regal reds, blues, and dashes of metallic colors that create a feeling  of high energy in hospitality environments.

Commercial Office Design

When it comes to an office or workspace setting, red is a visually stimulating color that can infuse energy and spark productivity, when used intentionally.

Many individuals may find the color red to be overbearing in an office space when used excessively – think all red walls in a small room. Because of this, designers will find success utilizing red as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. A bright red burst of color can include a red chair, small red accents in a wall paper, or a red picture frame – these can all be used to trigger a sense of much-needed energy during the day.

Red can also be utilized in concentrated spaces throughout an office to enhance team energy in group settings. A specific room in a commercial office with a focus on the color red can signal a shift in gears for those who enter from more neutral-toned rooms, creating a great space for collaboration, brainstorming and teamwork. 

Educational Design

Red is one of the most popular color options for use in educational spaces. Red’s energizing nature is a great way to encourage physical activity and excitement. In the sports arena of educational institutions, red can be found in locker rooms, gyms and stadiums. Because it pairs well with natural colors such as wood, it’s also a great color addition for a space that relies heavily on this material such as a basketball court.

Red is also regarded as one of the most reliable colors to use in a classroom setting, due to its ability to stimulate the brain, spur action and even improve performance. In primary schools, combining a bright red with other bright colors such as blue, yellow and green can evoke a sense of playfulness that children find intriguing. In university applications, utilizing a dark red carpet or stadium seating can stimulate energy while enhancing concentration.

Are You Red-y To Use Red?

The color red is a highly versatile design tool that designers can harness to make their designs stand out from the rest. Whether it be a hospitality, office or an educational application, red’s many shades and strengths can be used to encourage certain emotions, activities or thought patterns within a space.

To learn more about how you can utilize different shades of red  in commercial carpet products, reach out to Zeftron!

And to download our Color Trends 2020 Report, click here!

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