Resources for Designers Navigating COVID-19

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With the design industry in various stages of uncertainty and even suspension, we know that many professionals are searching for opportunities to better meet their work needs and further their craft. We’ve pulled together a list of resources from various organizations  that can help with the variety of the challenges designers may be facing today. 

ASID’s COVID-19 Resource Links Webpage

ASID has a comprehensive COVID-19 webpage with links to reliable, industry-leading sources reporting on Coronavirus updates in real time. These links are categorized by the topics of business, government and inspirational stories, and provides helpful information for everything from small business loans to navigating Internet security.

Hospitality Design Magazine’s Webinar – Current State of the Hospitality Industry

Gain a deeper understanding of the current economic outlook for the hospitality industry in this free webinar, currently housed on Hospitality Design’s website. An industry leader discusses U.S. hospitality renovation and construction projects, how they are being impacted by the pandemic, and what this means for hospitality industry professionals moving forward. 

Contract Magazine — Multivitamin Blog

Contract is putting faces to the design industry with its new blog, the Multivitamin. In each blog post, a designer muses over their thoughts on the current state of events, their experience working from home, how they manage their team or business, and what personal projects they are spending time with. These casual, thoughtful articles are a great way to feel connected with other members of the industry and remember that we are all in this together!

Interior Design — DesignTV

For those of us who are searching for design inspiration and a way to feel connected with the industry as a whole, Interior Design magazine’s newest initiative is a great place to turn. DesignTV offers free, varied video programming with industry leaders. These presentations and discussions feature topics such as working from home, designing for wellness, finding creativity and more. These daily episodes are only half an hour to an hour long, making them a great addition to your afternoon workflow. 

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Workplace Resources Guide

This comprehensive webpage has scores of information relating to small business resources and supporting your team with financial assistance. Plus, they regularly host free webinars on topics such as managing mental health during COVID-19.

Facebook’s Small Business Grant Program

This social media giant is offering up to 30,000 grants to businesses with between 2 – 50 employees that have experienced challenges relating to the pandemic. This grant is a great opportunity to assist with ongoing business costs and employee support during a time of uncertainty.

Massive Open Online Courses

For those of us who are in a holding pattern and may have some extra freetime to use on personal education, Artsy has compiled a list of free university-level art education courses that can be completed online. These fascinating classes cover topics like Ancient Egyptian Archeology, Avante-Garde art history and Photography Basics, and may present the opportunity for inspiration in future design projects.

Have you come across any other useful resources for design professionals? Please email us your thoughts at or connect with us on social at @ZeftronNylon.

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