Zeftron Nylon and Bloomsburg Carpet Introduce Amulet

We’re excited to announce the latest commercial carpet introduction made with Zeftron nylon: Amulet. It is designed specially for commercial environments.

Created by our long-standing mill partner Bloomsburg Carpet, Amulet is a new and sophisticated carpet created as a solution for corporate interior spaces and high-end hospitality environments. This highly-styled product is intended to convey warmth and comfort, and evoke a sensation of protection for users – hence, the name “Amulet”.

It is available in seven colorways ranging from organic earth tones to soothing grays and other calming neutrals.

Informed by the inherent qualities that embody textiles with lush volume and texture, Amulet’s design is translated through the sophisticated styling structure of Zeftron’s perfectly calibrated solution-dyed yarns. Woven on Bloomsburg’s double heddle velvet loom, Amulet’s bold placement of cut and uncut surface provides areas of open space bound tightly together as one form.

Meeting Health & Safety Requirements

Creating products that cater to the health and safety of users in all commercial environments is a priority for Zeftron. Amulet is Green Label Plus® certified, ensuring it meets the most stringent requirements for carpet products with low chemical emissions that can improve indoor air quality.

Additionally, specifying Amulet can contribute to LEED points through Zeftron’s green attributes. Zeftron is a fully renewable nylon 6 fiber that contains 25 percent recycled content and is Cradle to Cradle® certified by Products Innovation Institute. 

Request a Sample

For samples or sales questions about Amulet, architects and designers can contact a Bloomsburg Carpet agent in their area by visiting www.bloomsburgcarpet.com/agents or call 800-575-8084.

To learn more information about Zeftron’s nylon offerings, please contact Tim Blount at timothy.blount@shawinc.com. More information about Zeftron nylon is at www.zeftronnylon.com

Zeftron regularly shares educational content about design trends, color theory and commercial carpet design on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Follow us there!

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