Free Zeftron eBook: 4 Reasons Carpet Matters Now

Download the free educational eBook here!

2020 has been a watershed moment for all of us who serve the commercial interiors industry. With the onset of COVID-19, designers and facility managers, especially, have had to shift their focus long-term to public health concerns around social distancing, cleanliness, and creating wellness-focused commercial environments.

With this in mind, we decided to take a stronger look at what we bring to the marketplace in those key areas and how we can best serve our entire customer community.  Specifically,  we looked at the real impact of carpet on health and wellness. We looked at how a designer can balance concerns about health and wellness with a desire to create beautiful and memorable spaces. And we looked at how the COVID-19 era is changing the way that designers specify products, and facility managers approach cleanliness.

Based on this, we created a new and free educational eBook. It consists of educational articles and resources for designers and facility managers. This new resource seeks to demonstrate the positive impact flooring — and specifically carpet — can have on the safety, functionality, and maintenance of the spaces they bring to life.

Topics within the new eBook include:

  • How designers are using carpet to create safety and wellness spaces 
  • How carpet impacts back-to-work health concerns amidst COVID-19
  • How carpet contributes to improved indoor air quality
  • How carpet can mitigate slips & falls
  • How to easily maintain carpet to create healthier indoor environments

We hope to illuminate the important wellness benefits that come from specifying  carpet with branded nylon like Zeftron for safety purposes, as well as the creative opportunities carpet offers designers to create truly impactful environments in this new decade of evolving design.

With this eBook, we’d also like to invite you into the conversations we are having regarding  health and wellness within commercial interior spaces. Our growing community of designers, facility managers and carpet mill professionals are sharing their thoughts and best practice ideas for how to adapt to this changing marketplace. So, please join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, or join our email list. 

Together, we can work towards solutions that truly benefit users and usher in a new era of healthy and sustainable design.

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