Five Spring Colors to Spur Your Design Creativity

Call it a hunch, but we think the popularity of happy and bright colors this spring could have a lot to do with our last 12 months battling a pandemic. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the weather is warming up here at our Georgia headquarters, and spring blooms are out in full force.

As you are designing interior spaces this spring, think about these bold spring hues and how Zeftron’s fresh palette can reflect the colors of spring in your commercial carpet designs. We selected a few of our favorite colors to match what the beauty of nature we’ve seen unfolding outside this month.

Get the Green Light

It’s March, so it’s fitting that green, the color of choice for St. Patrick’s Day, is trending. Green has been seen all over the fashion runways in a wide range of colors – mint, emerald, seafoam, lime and even neon (think tennis balls). Green is the color of nature and spring – from the new green leaves sprouting to the vegetables that have started peaking from the dirt (spring onions anyone?). Green also provides a sense of calmness and security, and we could all use a little bit of both of those right now.

Mellow With Yellow

Yellow is the preferred color of many early bloomers in the spring – daffodils, winter jasmine, forsythia and witch hazel. While shades of this sunny color run the gamut, a popular choice in 2021 is a more subdued lemon shade, like Pantone’s Color of the Year “Illuminating.” Yellow shades make people smile and feel joyful, and these shades can help create warmth and coziness in indoor spaces.

Think Pink

Pinks are in, just like the beautiful magnolias that have started to bloom. But don’t forget about the deeper, darker cousin of pink, magenta, or the bolder shade of fuschia, seen in camellias and the azaleas lining the greens at the Augusta National Golf Club. Pink is often used with plush fabrics in design, such as velvet. Pink is fun and bright and can be a great accent color in carpeting.

Be True Blue

Blues seem to be a staple of every season, but did you know when it comes to nature, blue is very rare? Less than 10 percent of plants have blue flowers and few animals are blue. We have started seeing Bluejays in the yard and the sweet bluebirds will not be far behind. The one place we’re guaranteed to see blue in nature is the beautiful spring sky. In particular Cerulean blue is popular this spring. Light blue color tones work well with all neutral colors and allow designers to accentuate in an elegant and soft way.

Whiten Up

White blooms feel fresh in the spring. Just look at how snowdrops stand out against all of that beautiful green in your garden. Stark white has been the rage for a while in design because it has a minimalist feel. White can be a great background to help brighter colors, like those featured above, pop. It also can make a dramatic statement when used with bold colors in a patterned carpet.

As we look forward to the change of seasons, and the rebirth of the natural world around us, look to the colors highlighted here to inspire your interior design choices carpet designs in 2021, and bring a little of the outdoors in for your customers and clients. 

For more inspiration, check out our Design Inspiration Page, where you can view our color collections and envision how you can create a colorful commercial carpet for your next project. You can also download the full Zeftron Color Pallette, consisting of 120-plus colors, or request to have a Zeftron pom box mailed to you.

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