Zeftron Helps Louisville Senior Living Community Meet its Design and Performance Needs

Louisville is a city rich with history and unmistakable surroundings. It is home to the famous Churchill Downs, rolling pastures and nearby bourbon country.  So when Banko Design embarked on a new senior living community there, it had a wealth of local inspiration to draw from.  

Completed in 2019, Everlan of Louisville offers independent living, assisted living and memory care services through several buildings on its master campus, including the community’s clubhouse, which Banko designed. The project is one of the newest for Banko, which provides design services for clients in the senior living, multifamily and hospitality markets. 

Meeting a Design Vision

Open to Everlan residents and the public alike, the clubhouse contains a large communal area and a restaurant. In many ways, it is the focal center of the community — a space where people can gather and socialize in a comfortable setting. Banko’s design vision for the clubhouse was to create a luxury, residential-inspired and customized look, similar to the upscale hospitality properties they designed in the past.  

Drawing on Louisville’s rich heritage and surroundings, Banko created an inspiring equestrian design motif. The firm highlighted the flavor of the locale through a thematic use of equestrian art and accessories. It also incorporated a full palette of colors and patterns reflective of the area.  

A major key to achieving Banko’s design scheme was the flooring. For this, Banko turned to Encore Carpet and its long-time partner, Zeftron nylon.  

Skilled in custom carpet design, Encore utilized its Custom Infinity Carpet made with Zeftron nylon. Encore’s design team strived to get the right contrast of jeweled tones and patterns to bring Banko’s hospitality-inspired design to life. The finished products consisted of four coordinating broadloom carpet patterns in both 12-foot and 15-foot widths, which actually turned out to reduce waste by 40 percent. 

Melissa Banko, Principal of Banko Design, commenting on the design benefits of Encore and Zeftron said, “The Encore Custom Infinity Carpet made with 100% Zeftron Nylon allows us to be creative through the endless color, pattern and scale options. It gives us the flexibility to make truly unique collections for our senior living communities.”

All told, the Encore custom carpet made with Zeftron spans 1,750 square yards across the clubhouse’s corridors, public areas and its dining room.

Plaid carpet lines the corridors at Everlan of Louisville reflecting the equestrian design motif of the community. 


Exceeding Performance and Sustainability Needs 

But commercial carpet products made with Zeftron nylon offer more than just exceptional design and aesthetics. They also meet the performance and durability required for a space like the Everlan clubhouse, where heavy foot traffic, furniture change-outs, staining and soiling can happen on a daily basis.   

As a premium branded nylon, specifically engineered for commercial interiors, Zeftron nylon is highly resistant to staining and soiling as well as crushing and matting, which means no unsightly traffic lanes or unwanted wear patterns. Plus, the solution-dyed nylon carpet looks just as great after a vigorous cleaning, keeping the facility looking as new as the day it opened.

Zeftron is also a fully renewable nylon. It can be recycled over and over after its useful life, thereby reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. Minimizing the amount of waste without compromising the design was an important consideration for Everlan from a cost and sustainability point of view.

The community center carpeting features jeweled tones and patterns that bring Banko’s hospitality-inspired design to life. 


Going the Extra Mile 

Of course, every project is more than just the products that go into it. The best projects are about teamwork, exceptional service and partners going the extra mile.  

To that end, both Encore and Zeftron set themselves apart when compared to the competition.  

“We are very service-focused and bend over backward to do what we need to do to remove all the hurdles to get our clients and their projects to the finish line,” said Dana Miner, Territory Manager at Encore. “We’re very proud of our ongoing work with Banko and being able to provide them with the trifecta of aesthetic, performance, and affordability for the Everlan project.”

As an established brand that has served the commercial interiors industry for more than 40 years, Zeftron knows a thing or two about providing exceptional service and going the extra mile. Perhaps that’s why the Everlan clubhouse facility has received positive feedback and its residents are delighted with the sense of community it brings. 

The Encore custom carpet made with Zeftron spans 1,750 square yards across the clubhouse’s corridors, public areas and dining room and meets the performance and durability requirements needed in the active space.


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