Resources for Designers Navigating COVID-19

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With the design industry in various stages of uncertainty and even suspension, we know that many professionals are searching for opportunities to better meet their work needs and further their craft. We’ve pulled together a list of resources from various organizations  that can help with the variety of the challenges designers may be facing today. 

ASID’s COVID-19 Resource Links Webpage

ASID has a comprehensive COVID-19 webpage with links to reliable, industry-leading sources reporting on Coronavirus updates in real time. These links are categorized by the topics of business, government and inspirational stories, and provides helpful information for everything from small business loans to navigating Internet security.

Hospitality Design Magazine’s Webinar – Current State of the Hospitality Industry

Gain a deeper understanding of the current economic outlook for the hospitality industry in this free webinar, currently housed on Hospitality Design’s website. An industry leader discusses U.S. hospitality renovation and construction projects, how they are being impacted by the pandemic, and what this means for hospitality industry professionals moving forward. 

Contract Magazine — Multivitamin Blog

Contract is putting faces to the design industry with its new blog, the Multivitamin. In each blog post, a designer muses over their thoughts on the current state of events, their experience working from home, how they manage their team or business, and what personal projects they are spending time with. These casual, thoughtful articles are a great way to feel connected with other members of the industry and remember that we are all in this together!

Interior Design — DesignTV

For those of us who are searching for design inspiration and a way to feel connected with the industry as a whole, Interior Design magazine’s newest initiative is a great place to turn. DesignTV offers free, varied video programming with industry leaders. These presentations and discussions feature topics such as working from home, designing for wellness, finding creativity and more. These daily episodes are only half an hour to an hour long, making them a great addition to your afternoon workflow. 

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Workplace Resources Guide

This comprehensive webpage has scores of information relating to small business resources and supporting your team with financial assistance. Plus, they regularly host free webinars on topics such as managing mental health during COVID-19.

Facebook’s Small Business Grant Program

This social media giant is offering up to 30,000 grants to businesses with between 2 – 50 employees that have experienced challenges relating to the pandemic. This grant is a great opportunity to assist with ongoing business costs and employee support during a time of uncertainty.

Massive Open Online Courses

For those of us who are in a holding pattern and may have some extra freetime to use on personal education, Artsy has compiled a list of free university-level art education courses that can be completed online. These fascinating classes cover topics like Ancient Egyptian Archeology, Avante-Garde art history and Photography Basics, and may present the opportunity for inspiration in future design projects.

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Spring Color and Pattern Trends Sweeping Commercial Interior Design

The First Day of Spring is one of the most transformational moments of the year. We pack up our winter clothes, open our windows, and let the warm air and floral blooms shift us towards the mindset of lighter, longer days.

This year, Spring feels a little bit more stressful than usual due to the coronavirus and our current state of events. Although we will all be spending more time working from home and less time socializing, design innovations and trends will persist with the seasonal change.

In welcoming a new Spring, we tend to think about aesthetics and environments becoming brighter, fresher and bolder. But every Spring is different! What will 2020 hold in terms of colors, patterns and design trends?

We’ve done our research, and we’re excited to share some major trends that are going to be shaping commercial design this year – from hospitality and offices to everything in between.

Three Spring Color Trends Leading the Way for 2020

Bright and bold color choices will dominate this season:

In keeping with Spring tradition, we’re seeing bright and bold colors trend this season. Statement colors such as scarlet red, chive green, coral pink and saffron yellow have all made an appearance in architectural projects, product design, and even across fashion runways. Three months into 2020, we’re also seeing Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue, achieve mainstream popularity in almost every facet of pop culture and design.

Two-tone color combinations create a cohesive yet funky feeling:

In accordance with our bright and colorful trend, many spaces are being designed with two-tone colors. Two-tone design typically involves pairing a light and airy shade with a darker color to help ground the room. For example, Chive Green can be paired with a Pastel Green to create a digestible yet energizing environment. Designing in two-tone is the latest iteration of color blocking, which many designers will know was invented in the 1940’s and has been revived in the age of Instagram.

Natural color combinations are everywhere:

While statement colors are making quite the splash this Spring, there’s certainly another major trend shaping design: natural color combinations. As the world continues to grow more chaotic due to current events, we’re seeing a prevalence in color groupings that stimulate relaxation and provide a sense of escape for visitors. Natural color combinations this Spring involve light beiges, blues, greens, grays and purples. This is in keeping with Zeftron’s Serenity Spa color trends prediction, and creates the ideal environment for healthcare spaces where calm and serenity are needed most.

Spring Pattern Trends Taking Over 2020

Biophilic patterns mimic nature and promote relaxation:

Biophilic design, or the practice of incorporating more nature into space, color and shape, is taking interior design by storm. The evidence is clear that biophilic design stimulates happier feelings and more productive tendencies among building occupants. So if you’re a fan of the biophilic trend, you’re in luck! We’re seeing it reflected in this year’s biggest Spring patterns across carpets, wallpapers, and fabrics. Examples include repeating lines, dots, and wave patterns that mimic nature expression.

Neon tropics create a bright and eye-catching aesthetic:

Bold colors, abstract design and overlapping imagery are combined in one of the most memorable design trends of this season: neon tropics. This bright trend embodies many designers’ goal to create something memorable and unique for their clients that feels like a one-of-a-kind experience. We’ll be seeing neon tropics replicated as statement pieces such as carpets, wall paper, and upholstery across hospitality spaces this Spring.

Mix and match geometric patterns create intrigue:

The final major pattern trend that is sweeping Spring 2020 design is mix + match geometry. This niche, eye-catching pattern is a combination of biophilic influences mixed with color blocking. This pattern can be utilized as an accent or as an all-encompassing aesthetic for a space, to create something that feels intrinsically 2020.

With so much uncertainty in the air this Spring, and the unknown state of our industry in the next few months, focusing on trending colors and patterns is a great way to infuse inspiration into this season. 

In particular, color and pattern trends this Spring are pointing the way towards unique, bold and authentic spaces that tell a story. How are you planning to incorporate these trends in your commercial designs this year?

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