Shades of Grey in the “Designer Select” Collection

Designer Select Colors
The “Designer Select” Collection, new from Zeftron nylon in 2015

Last week we announced the latest addition to our expansive color palette, the “Designer Select” Collection. It is the second new collection from Zeftron in the last year. We also debuted the Brilliant Collection in 2014. While the Brilliant Collection is vibrant and bold, the “Designer Select” Collection contains subdued, nuanced and base shades that can easily be incorporated for use in running line products or custom carpet creations.

These cool colors range from a deep charcoal grey to sterling silver.  When designing commercial carpet this collection can help you create multiple tiers of color and more intricate designs with shading effects.

Add Drama with Charcoal  

Charcoal drawing
Picasso Standing Female Nude, 1910

Charcoal has been used since ancient times as a drawing material and pigment. The word “charcoal” evokes images of sharp edges, deep shadows and masterfully created pieces of art. With this color designers can easily add an element of drama to their design or create a more defined pattern.

Keep it cool with metallics

Both the Sterling and Metallic Bronze options from this collection are soft, cool and bring to mind beautiful elements in nature. In design, metal can play a huge role in bringing the whole aesthetic together. Bronze or silver can provide an excellent contrast or complement when paired with other, more traditional colors like blue, grey or green. Industrial-looking in some applications, bronze and silver can also be seen as an element of refinement, as they hold precious metal qualities.

What are the applications for the “Designer Select” Collection?

Cool neutrals are soothing and can help subdue emotion, while blues are calming and relaxing.  We’ve referenced several articles on color psychology in the past, and we continue to see design publications discuss the importance of color in hospitality settings.

These colors are suited for healthcare environments, guest room interiors at hotels, or high stress work environments.

We can’t wait to see what you will create with the “Designer Select” Collection. Our Marketing Specialists are here to help you find a carpet with the right design, construction and aesthetics desired for a specific end-use area or project.

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If you would like more information about the “Designer Select” Collection or would like to partner with Zeftron on A&D visits, contact Zeftron Business Leader Tim Blount at: or 706-532-2984.

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We love Lemon! Part of the new Brilliant Collection

Josef Albers was a German-born American artist & educator whose work formed the basis of some of the most influential art education programs of the 20th century.

“Color is understood through experiences” – Josef Albers

Did you know that the color yellow is the easiest for the human eye to see? It’s no wonder that school buses and street signs are yellow. Our eyes are drawn to elements that are bright inside and out. That was the inspiration behind one of our newest color offerings: Lemon! 

According to an independent study on slideshare titled, “The Psychology of Color in an Interior Space”:  “Different shades of yellow convey different messages. A light yellow might bring warmth and softness… whereas a bright yellow might raise the emotional temperature and increase liveliness and encourage innovation.”

Photo by Interiors  and Sources of the Archer New York Lobby
Yellow accents in The Archer New York’s Lobby- captured during the recent Interior & Sources Hotel Bus Tour that Zeftron nylon sponsored.

Although bright interior colors have not always been readily applied in schools, offices and public spaces, yellow and colors within this family are catching on according to HOK, a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. HOK says: “smart organizations understand their primary goal is to enhance the performance of their people.”  Yellow, the firm says, is a color that “makes people feel clear-headed and alert, allowing for clear thinking for decision making.”

Who doesn’t want that?!

Imagine the possibilities when you add a bright color like Lemon to your next project. You can customize a beautiful, highly styled carpet for your next interior with pops of color such as Lemon and completely change the feel of the space.

What would you do with Lemon accents in your next space?

The Brilliant Collection from Zeftron nylon
The Brilliant Collection from Zeftron nylon

About the Brilliant Collection: 

Zeftron nylon’s new Brilliant Collection comprised of seven highly vibrant colors. The new colors bring more styling options that add a dash of energy or excitement to a hospitality, corporate or other commercial interiors project. The collection gives our mill partner designers and commercial designers even greater options and inspiration for creating or specifying the commercial carpet product you desire

For more information please contact Tim Blount at 706-532-2984 or email him at

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