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Zeftron nylon featured in Buildings: 3 Benefits of Specifying Established Branded Nylon for Carpet

We are happy to share excerpts from a recent article in Buildings Magazine by Zeftron’s business leader Tim Blount. This article underscores the importance of knowing how specifying a carpet with an established branded nylon such as Zeftron can maximize your investment. See the abbreviated article below and let us know what you think:

One way designers and facility managers can protect and maximize their flooring investment is by specifying a carpet made with an established branded nylon. Consider this: The floor of any space is typically the most abundant surface.  The floor covering choice you make will set the foundation for the entire design, including the environment’s furnishings, wall color, light fixtures, and other elements.

1187086_632421110125528_949425768_nFlooring surfaces must also be highly functional. Carpet in a classroom must be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, soiling, staining, and crushing.  Carpet in an office environment, such as a hallway or a conference room, must look stylish while also offering high performance. You need a nylon with a proven track record to ensure great durability.

Many nylons today have only recently been introduced to the marketplace and long-term performance attributes are still unproven.  These nylons don’t have a track record of proven performance over an extended period of time in multiple end-use areas.Many of these nylon brands are “internal” to the carpet manufacturer.  Carpet manufacturers began making their own commercial-grade nylon several years ago as a way to “upsell” their own carpet products. Unfortunately, these “internal” brands must balance satisfying both internal and external needs. Internal brands may not always have as stringent of quality specifications for color continuity, colorfastness, and color clarity.

An established third-party branded nylon brings several advantages to a commercial carpet product:

1.  Proven Performance – The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to nylon.  Established nylon brands have been making commercial grade nylon for years.  Over time, they have honed manufacturing and engineering processes to develop a product that has been rigorously tested (internally and externally) and is certified to meet critical commercial end-use applications.  Carpet made with unproven nylon brands may not have the qualified assurance that it will perform as well as expected.

2. Warranties – Most brands offer a variety of warranties for how the product should perform such as: independent lifetime warranties for carpet wear, static control, stain removal, and color stability.  Designers and facility managers should fully understand what is covered, by whom, for how long, and with what limitations. Warranties from an established, third-party nylon brand can provide additional coverage totally independent from those offered by a carpet manufacturer.

3.  Services & Support – Specifying a product is a process, not just a one-time event.  This process begins with education and understanding:  What does the space require? What would be the best flooring product?  What is the budget available?  When a carpet is selected and installed, it doesn’t end there.  Nor does it end when a carpet eventually meets the end of its useful life. Established nylon brands can offer a multitude of resources to help designers and facility managers every step of the way.  Some brands may have regional representatives that can come onsite to provide specification assistance or maintenance tips.  Others may offer educational literature about their sustainability attributes or recycling methods.

Not all commercial carpets are the same.  However, those made with an established, third-party branded nylon typically offer a high quality product, warranties, and value-added services. These valuable benefits can help designers and facility managers protect and generate a greater return on their flooring investment.  Designers have a lot of things to worry about, but the carpet they specify should not be one.

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Zeftron Introduces New Brilliant Collection

Zeftron nylon is pleased to introduce its new Brilliant Collection comprised of seven highly vibrant colors. The new colors bring more styling options that add a dash of energy or excitement to a hospitality, corporate or other commercial interiors project. The collection gives our mill partner designers and commercial designers even greater options and inspiration for creating or specifying the commercial carpet product you desire.

Zeftron nylon introduces the new Brilliant Collection
Zeftron nylon introduces the new Brilliant Collection

Like all Zeftron yarns, the new colors are solution-dyed, contain a minimum of 25 percent recycled content and are backed by Zeftron’s lifetime warranties for colorfastness, stain removal, wear and static control.

The seven colors of the Brilliant Collection are:

  • Hot Pink
  • Lemon
  • Brilliant Orange
  • Lime
  • Electric Blue
  • Bay Blue
  • Raspberry Wine
The 7 colors of the Brilliant Collection
The 7 colors of the Brilliant Collection

What Makes This Collection So Great? Marketplace Input & Collaboration!!

Zeftron nylon listens to our mill partners and designers who we meet in the field. The Brilliant Collection is a result of input from the in-house design teams of our mill partners and from hundreds of designers across the country through our 2013 Color Survey. We asked. You answered. We listened!

What else can you look forward to?

We will share new blog posts over the next few weeks exploring the colors of the Brilliant Collection. Check back soon for more details!

Zeftron will soon introduce nine new base shades to its color palette! We will share more information about these new colors soon.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Brilliant Collection or would like to partner with Zeftron on A&D visits, contact Zeftron Business Leader Tim Blount at: or 706-532-2984.

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Chanterelle Made with Zeftron Nylon

A hallway with Chanterelle in Beaujolais.
A hallway with Chanterelle in Beaujolais.

This week’s featured carpet is Chanterelle made by our mill partner Aqua Hospitality. With it’s beautiful leafy pattern Chanterelle would be a perfect selection for hotel properties and luxury resort facilities.

Aqua Hospitality Carpets Director of Marketing Cathy Mansour says “Our goal is to research, develop and manufacture interesting and inspiring carpet products for the hospitality market segment.” 

Chanterelle installation in a guest room.
Chanterelle installation in a guest room.


Product specifications:

Construction: Tip Sheared Loop
Yarn Content: Zeftron® Nylon with 25% recycled content
Dye Method: Solution Dyed
Yarn Weight Tufted: 36 oz./yd. 
Width: 12 feet
Pattern Repeat: 24″ w x 24″ 

Chanterelle is available in nine colors: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Champagne, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvigon, Pinot Noir, and Zinfindel.


Chanterelle is available in 9 colors.
Chanterelle is available in 9 colors.

To see other Aqua Hospitality styles made with Zeftron Nylon please reference our Carpet Search tool: the Zeftron Style Guide. Click here to contact Aqua Hospitality. To contact Zeftron nylon call Tim Blount at 706-532-2984 or email him at

About Aqua Hospitality Carpets
Aqua Hospitality Carpets uses a collaborative approach for creating unique and distinctive products for multiple hospitality settings by leveraging the strength, stability and expertise of its parent company, Beaulieu Group, LLC. As the number one carpet only manufacturer in the United States, Beaulieu is a world leader in the innovation, styling, manufacturing and distribution of carpets for the Hospitality, Commercial and Residential market segments. A vertically integrated organization, Beaulieu manufactures and produces its own carpet fibers, Type 6 nylon and Polyester, its own carpet backings and is a pioneer in environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and processes. From concept to completion, Aqua Hospitality offers a thorough understanding of the market to provide the expertise needed in all areas of carpet design, manufacturing and project solutions. From mid- to upper-end hotel properties, timeshares, condominiums and luxury resort facilities, Aqua can assist in developing the experience needed for both business and leisure travelers.
About Zeftron® Nylon
For more than 40 years, Zeftron® nylon has continued to deliver more value-added opportunities and advantages to the commercial interiors marketplace through dedicated partnerships, a premium branded nylon 6 product and superior service. Based in Dalton, Ga., the brand brings a history of innovations and unparalleled style, performance and environmental attributes. All Zeftron nylon yarns are closed-loop recyclable, MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified and come standard with a minimum 25 percent recycled content. As part of the brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship, Zeftron nylon makes recycling easy with its 6ix Again Recycling Program – a simple to use, all-inclusive carpet recycling initiative. Zeftron nylon is a part of Shaw Industries Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.

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Zeftron Nylon Adds Reps in NYC and Dallas

Zeftron nylon is a family, and we are always excited when we have new additions to our family. We are pleased to announce the addition of two new field marketing representatives!

Meet new reps Dabney & Chelsey
Meet new reps Dabney and Chelsey

Dabney Jungerman is based out of Dallas and brings a wealth of experience to her position. She has worked for several design firms, including HKS, and also served as Market Manager for one of the leading commercial furniture manufacturers. She has extensive contacts and deep understanding of the A&D community in Dallas.

Chelsey Wolf is based out New York and has 10-plus years of commercial architect and design experience, with much of that time in the hospitality sector. She is an independent designer and a member of IIDA, BITT and ASID and maintains strong connections into many of the city’s top firms.

We are continuously evaluating markets where we can add representatives to support your products made with Zeftron nylon.

If you have any questions or would like to know how Dabney, Chelsea or any of our other reps can assist you, please call or email Tim Blount at 706-532-2984 or

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