Carpet Tips

5 Reasons to Consider Combining Carpet and Hard Surfaces in Your Design

When choosing flooring for your design projects, it’s easy to get caught up in the debate of carpet versus hard surfaces. And though we’re partial to the beautiful versatility of carpet, we know that it doesn’t have to be an either-or decision. Both materials can co-exist to maximize an aesthetic appeal and functionality of any space.  Here are five reasons why you should consider mixing multiple flooring options into your design.

Define Traffic Pathways and Enhance Wayfinding

If you’ve ever entered a space only to be met with a mass of people standing around or moving chaotically in all directions, then you know how helpful traffic pathways can be in a design. Using hard surfaces bounded by carpet creates walkways that both visually and intuitively guide visitors through a space. The comfort and vibrancy of carpet invites visitors to relax in seating areas while stone, tile, and hardwood encourages movement and can clearly direct visitors through the areas of moving traffic.  The combination of the two materials naturally guides visitors through the space while decreasing congestion and frustration.

Create Comfort Zones

Carpet naturally creates a sense of comfort that invites visitors to relax, which is why it’s the perfect accompaniment to couches and lounge seating.  Think of the psychological shift when you come home for the day and kick your shoes off, digging your toes into lush carpet.  Can’t you just feel your body instantly relax? The same effect can be applied to commercial spaces. Whether it’s the waiting area of an office building or the parlor-style lobby of a hotel, the contrast between hard surface and carpet invites a psychological shift to relax.

Expand Custom Capabilities

When it comes to executing your vision, you do not have to be limited to a single flooring option.  By combining carpet with hard surfaces in your design, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you love the natural texture and movement of marble but wish it could be enhanced and highlighted. Creating a custom carpet pattern that matches the natural tones of the marble and a prominent pattern that mirrors the veins of the stone can do exactly that.

Enhance Sense of Place

In the best designs, each element complements each other, combining and playing together like a beautiful symphony. From the architecture to the furniture, it all adds up to a cohesive whole that leaves visitors with an intuitive sense of the space’s identity. Combining hard flooring with carpet can be a great way to enhance the sense of place.  From evoking natural settings to mirroring the soaring heights of the architecture, these materials can harmonize perfectly.

Create Focal Points and Unique Accents

Contrast is an excellent way to draw the eye and create focal points within a design. By shifting from one flooring material to another within a single space, visitors are invited to focus on unique details with specific purposes. That purpose could be practical, like the wayfinding mentioned earlier. Or it could be entirely aesthetic, drawing attention to unique art pieces, elements of architecture, or unexpected details.