Hotel Design: Time for Innovation from the Floor Up

As hotels continue to upgrade their interiors with eye-catching items such as unique artwork, highly decorative lighting and inspirational custom carpets, the trend toward better technology integration continues as well. Hotels undertaking these initiatives are out to set themselves apart from the competition, while also creating highly memorable experiences for their customers.

starwood-hotel-keyless-smartphone-bluetooth-lock-entryWhat’s happening in the world of Hotel Design? A recent Buzzfeed article titled “The Hotel Industry’s Race To Escape The Dinosaur Age” addresses one of the current struggles of the Hotel world: technology. Features like mobile booking, keyless check-in, and customer operated kiosks in the lobby bring old hotels into the new age. The article got us thinking. Technology isn’t the only thing hotels should update to join this century. Changing the check-in experience for customers will lead to redesigning the lobby. This is an opportunity to update all aspects of your hotel design.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 15.09.55In the article Ryan Meliker, a senior analyst at MLV & Co, says “large hotel chains tend to conduct a major overhaul just once every seven years.” That’s not hard to believe considering the logistics of a major design overhaul. It is shocking to think that interiors that were “in-style” or “on-trend” seven years ago still exist in most hotels. Carpet has a distinct advantage because it can be easily removed and a new design theme can be added with less interruption of the hotel’s business.

Newer interiors, like updated technology, especially appeal to younger professionals who travel.  This includes millennials who know what they want, compare hotels online, read reviews and take to the internet to voice concern and displeasure more than any other group. (Photos of Hotel Design Magazine from 2008).

Hotels that want toScreenshot 2015-02-25 15.12.43 attract more travelers, gain repeat customers and generate more word-of-mouth buzz must frequently update their interiors. These updates need to be sensitive to the design, functionality and technology trends which are often driven by the “next generation” of customers while considering the context of the property’s brand. The opportunity for carpet in the millennial quest for a unique and authentic hotel, lies in its ability to be custom designed more easily than other furnishings.

Generally speaking, today’s interior design aesthetic is cleaner, integrates bolder color choices and features highly decorative finishes. Designers working on hospitality projects can achieve stunning, memorable and customer-centric design looks when specifying the right commercial carpet.  Whether it’s a custom product or a running line, carpets made with Zeftron nylon range from sleek, to delicate floral designs, to bright and modern. With a custom carpet, you can achieve virtually any look you desire.

We recently helped the Embassy Suites Nashville at Vanderbilt upgrade their more than 200 rooms. This project proves that even established big-name hotels can make significant changes on a property-by-property basis. The end result is a beautiful fresh space.

Zeftron Nylon Embassy Suites Nashville

We encourage you to Make A Design Statement with your next project and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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A New Zeftron nylon Installation: The Embassy Suites Nashville at Vanderbilt

Commercial carpet products made with Zeftron nylon can be found virtually everywhere, from the world’s most stylish hotels to today’s modern airports and universities across the country.

We’re excited to highlight a recent Zeftron nylon installation at the Embassy Suites Nashville at Vanderbilt. This exquisite hotel features an 11-story beautiful garden atrium along with a unique 2-story waterfall and plush greenery in a picturesque setting. To match the aesthetic of the common area, the design team at Design & Supply selected the Aqua Hospitality Carpets’ Flora made with 100% Zeftron nylon.

Screenshot 2014-12-04 10.27.41

The Embassy Suites Nashville at Vanderbilt is a highly popular (2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award) and heavily frequented hotel catering to student groups, alumni, business travelers and fun seekers. A recent renovation of its 208 guest suites, consisting of more than 3,600 square feet, required the perfect flooring solution: One that would be stylish and visually interesting, extremely durable and mask stains until their removal.

“Durability is always the most important factor from an operating standpoint,” said hotel GM Scott Balmaseda. “But we tested this product thoroughly before it was installed and it performed very well.”

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Nashville and the area surrounding the hotel have become a hotbed for green building. Vanderbilt University boasts 15 LEED certified buildings, while Belmont College launched “Belmont Goes Green” in 2007 to encourage greater environmental awareness on its campus.

Embassy Suites also takes its commitment to “Going Green” seriously and was another reason why the hotel chose this particular carpet for the installation. A fully recyclable nylon with 25 percent recycled content and the ability to contribute to LEED credits, Zeftron also supports sustainability.

Find the entire Case Study here: Embassy Suites Case Study

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