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A space tells a story and you are its author. What you envision you can achieve with Zeftron nylon. More than 100 inspiring colors give you the palette to create the custom commercial carpet you desire for your project. Remove design boundaries. Put your signature on it. Make a design statement

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To speak with one of our Zeftron nylon reps about getting your next project started please contact Chelsey Wolf or Dabney Jungerman. You can also reach out to Zeftron Nylon Business Leader Timothy Blount or Zeftron Nylon National Marketing Manager Richard Radke.

Structure made with Zeftron Nylon

Earlier this month we highlighted Metal Edge by our mill partner Bloomsburg Carpet Industries. This week we present the the second pattern in their Tuva Looms brand: Structure.

Structure made with Zeftron nylon

Both broadloom woven carpets are made with Zeftron nylon. Zeftron 6 fiber is a fully renewable carpet fiber that offers not only style and performance, but the carpet is recyclable at the end of its life.

Structure is available in seven complementary colors: Corrugated, Leaden, Gunmetal, Core, Foundry, Chain Mail and Plow.

Woven on Bloomsburg’s double heddle velvet looms, this product is available in 12 foot broadloom. Structure features a 49 ounce face weight.

Structure comes in 7 colors
Structure comes in 7 colors

Bloomsburg Carpet’s VP of Sales, Jim Cody says “Metal Edge and Structure are the result of great design, great tooling and a highly versatile fiber system from Zeftron nylon.”  Cody continued, “Architects and designers will not only appreciate the appealing look of these styles, but also their ability to perform extremely well in virtually any commercial setting.”

“Bloomsburg’s ability to create innovative, stylish, and performance-driven products makes partnering with them a pleasure” says Tim Blount of Zeftron.

For samples or sales questions, architects, designers and specifiers can contact a Bloomsburg Carpet agent in their area by visiting or calling 800-575-8084. For general questions and further information about Zeftron® nylon call 800-652-9964.

The Benefits of a Solution Dyed Nylon for Commercial Carpets


Specifying a commercial carpet with a premium solution dyed nylon such as Zeftron nylon provides numerous advantages, including vibrant coloring and styling possibilities, and superior durability and wear.  Because of this, Zeftron is the nylon of choice for several carpet manufacturers that specialize in carpets for the hospitality industry.  Zeftron Business Leader Tim Blount talks about how Zeftron is a perfect solution for the hospitality industry.

 Q.  Zeftron is a “solution dyed” nylon.  What does this mean?

Tim: Solution dyed means Zeftron nylon adds its color using high quality pigments during the nylon manufacturing process.  Since this is an integral part of Zeftron’s manufacturing process, it equates to superior colorfastness characteristics and color retention when compared to “white yarn.”  White yarn is “uncolored” nylon that has its color added later in the carpet manufacturing process, not during the nylon manufacturing process.

Pre-Dyed Fiber

Q.  Why is solution dyed nylon such an excellent choice for carpets in the hospitality sector?

Tim: Hospitality environments are synonymous with sophisticated high styled carpet made with bright vivid colors and multiple textures.  As a solution dyed nylon with a color pallet that provides a wide variety of rich and lustrous color offerings, Zeftron can help designers achieve these challenging styling requirements.  Additionally, the abundant use of bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals by the facility’s staff on a daily basis makes it almost inevitable that certain areas of the carpet’s color will be destroyed, requiring the entire carpet to be replaced well before its intended replacement schedule. However, a carpet with a high quality, solution dyed nylon, like Zeftron, can prevent this from happening.

Zeftron Nylon

Q.  What kinds of hospitality environments or facilities are best suited for carpet made with Zeftron nylon? 

Tim: Hospitality environments require carpets with long-term color retention and performance.  As a result, Zeftron is a perfect solution for any kind of hospitality facility, whether for a hotel, an assisted living home or even a casino.  In hospitality settings the carpet is usually the most-noticed element, therefore it is the cornerstone for a space’s entire design.  With its exceptional styling flexibility and color possibilities, Zeftron enables designers to custom-design a carpet that makes a design statement and meets their vision for the space.  This is imperative in today’s hospitality industry where the customer experience needs to be inspirational, memorable and different.

zeftron hospitality

Q.  What advice would you give to designers who are looking to specify a solution dyed nylon carpet from a carpet mill? 

Tim: All solution dyed nylon products are not created equal.  Simply being solution dyed does not mean the color is completely resistant to bleach spills and possesses superior colorfastness properties, nor does it mean the carpet will retain its color over the long-term due to other atmospheric contaminants.  Designers should understand that the quality of the pigments used by the nylon manufacturer in the solution dying process is paramount in determining the color characteristics of the finished carpet product.   Because the carpet you custom design or specify says a lot about you and the space, it’s a good idea to select a nylon like Zeftron that has a proven history and is backed by third-party warranties for such critical things as lifetime color retention and performance.

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final yarn carpet

A Look Ahead at 2014


As we get ready to say goodbye to 2013, Zeftron is excited for the year ahead.  For architect and design firms, 2013 was a “decent” year – especially when compared to years prior.

For A&D firms specializing in hospitality projects, 2013 was a growth year.  According to Interior Design magazine, firms reported nearly 900 projects more this year than in 2012, creating a grand total of 3,720 projects resulting in 202 million square feet.

So what will 2014 hold for the hospitality sector?  Here’s what we see:

  • Room Rates IncreasingFloor Focus magazine estimates room rates will continue to increase at a pace of about 4.5 percent for the coming year.  This can translate to more revenue and better earnings for hotels and hotel management companies.
  • Pent-Up Demand Sparking Growth – Floor Focus also estimates that pent-up demand will continue to spur more renovation projects and new construction.  Architect and design firms will continue to see opportunities for projects and revenue growth from this pent-up demand.
  • Some Markets Better Than Others — An article in Hotel Management suggests some markets are better positioned for growth than others.  Those markets “with limited supply growth and favorable demand momentum,” include San Francisco, Boston and Charlotte, among others.

From a design perspective, here’s what we expect:

  • Flooring is Essential — Flooring will continue to play a leading role in creating a space and establishing a hospitality brand’s image or identity.
  • Home-Like Feel — The trend toward comfortable settings – lobbies, rooms, etc. — will progress as Americans continue to move away from the corporate look for a more casual (almost home-like) one that reflects the character of the facility’s location.

Carpet made with Zeftron nylon can help meet these design needs.  We will be introducing new colors to our color palette in 2014.  Many of the new colors we’ll be introducing are specifically geared for the hospitality market.  In addition, our unmatched performance guarantees and recyclability characteristics offer designers the best of all worlds for the commercial carpet they specify with Zeftron nylon.

As the new year beckons, Zeftron nylon wishes you a prosperous year ahead.  We hope 2014 is filled with inspiration, and that Zeftron can be a part of the amazing spaces you create.

Let us know what you see in store for 2014.  We’d love to get your thoughts!

A Look Ahead at 2014 for the hospitality and design sector.
A Look Ahead at 2014 for the hospitality and design sector.

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Zeftron and Mill Partner Win Hospitality Industry Award

As the year comes to an end we’re taking a look back at some of the highlights. This summer Zeftron and one of its mill partners won a hospitality industry award for a stunning commercial carpet collection geared specifically for the hospitality market.

The Bloom collection from Aqua Hospitality Carpets received a Reader’s Choice Certificate of Excellence Award from HA+D magazine. The collection won in the flooring category after being evaluated by a panel of industry judges and an online voting period by the magazine’s readers. According to HA+D, Bloom represents the best in creativity and sustainability in its design, manufacturing and end-use application. Judging was based on the product’s environmental values, its current availability and its aesthetics for pattern, color and texture.

Utilizing Zeftron’s rich color palette and styling capabilities, each product in the collection offers striking organic patterns, coloration and texture.

“This award further validates Zeftron’s proven ability to provide the essential yarn offerings to allow our mill partner design teams to create highly styled products for the discerning hospitality market,” said Zeftron Nylon’s Business Leader Tim Blount.

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 12.36.46 PM

For more about the award or the Bloom collection, please visit the Zeftron Media Center webpage.