Looking for LEED v4 Credits? Zeftron® nylon Can Help!

As everyone in the commercial specifying industry knows, LEED remains the preeminent green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class sustainable building strategies and practices.

Zeftron’s goals are aligned with LEED

LEED v4 is the latest rating system available to architects, designers and building owners seeking to achieve LEED status for their projects or buildings.  There are six basic categories – as well as an Innovation in Design and a Pilot Credit category — where credits can be obtained.

Navigating the intricacies of LEED v4 may be challenging.  However, knowing how Zeftron nylon can contribute to LEED credits is easy.  We have developed a new brochure that lists areas of opportunities where LEED credits can be earned when a commercial carpet is specified with Zeftron nylon yarns.

Zeftron nylon contributes to LEED credits through these primary ways:

  • Cradle to Cradle V3 Certified
  • Recycled Content (25% PI)
  • 100% Recyclable (Closed Loop/Fully Renewable)
  • Zeftron nylon’s 6ix Again® Recycling Take-Back Program
  • Carpet with Zeftron nylon meets the CRI’s Green Label Plus requirements for indoor air quality
  • Zeftron nylon can provide mill partners with nylon 6 environmental impact data, which can be used for achieving an EPD for a finished product

Sustainable building and design is more important than ever. Let Zeftron nylon help you get the LEED credits you deserve for your green projects and buildings.

Feel free to download our Zeftron LEED Brochure and use it as a reference guide when specifying commercial carpet.

For questions or assistance specifying products made with Zeftron nylon, contact Richard Radke, Zeftron National Marketing Manager at or Tim Blount, Zeftron Business Leader, at

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Chanterelle Made with Zeftron Nylon

A hallway with Chanterelle in Beaujolais.
A hallway with Chanterelle in Beaujolais.

This week’s featured carpet is Chanterelle made by our mill partner Aqua Hospitality. With it’s beautiful leafy pattern Chanterelle would be a perfect selection for hotel properties and luxury resort facilities.

Aqua Hospitality Carpets Director of Marketing Cathy Mansour says “Our goal is to research, develop and manufacture interesting and inspiring carpet products for the hospitality market segment.” 

Chanterelle installation in a guest room.
Chanterelle installation in a guest room.


Product specifications:

Construction: Tip Sheared Loop
Yarn Content: Zeftron® Nylon with 25% recycled content
Dye Method: Solution Dyed
Yarn Weight Tufted: 36 oz./yd. 
Width: 12 feet
Pattern Repeat: 24″ w x 24″ 

Chanterelle is available in nine colors: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Champagne, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvigon, Pinot Noir, and Zinfindel.


Chanterelle is available in 9 colors.
Chanterelle is available in 9 colors.

To see other Aqua Hospitality styles made with Zeftron Nylon please reference our Carpet Search tool: the Zeftron Style Guide. Click here to contact Aqua Hospitality. To contact Zeftron nylon call Tim Blount at 706-532-2984 or email him at

About Aqua Hospitality Carpets
Aqua Hospitality Carpets uses a collaborative approach for creating unique and distinctive products for multiple hospitality settings by leveraging the strength, stability and expertise of its parent company, Beaulieu Group, LLC. As the number one carpet only manufacturer in the United States, Beaulieu is a world leader in the innovation, styling, manufacturing and distribution of carpets for the Hospitality, Commercial and Residential market segments. A vertically integrated organization, Beaulieu manufactures and produces its own carpet fibers, Type 6 nylon and Polyester, its own carpet backings and is a pioneer in environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and processes. From concept to completion, Aqua Hospitality offers a thorough understanding of the market to provide the expertise needed in all areas of carpet design, manufacturing and project solutions. From mid- to upper-end hotel properties, timeshares, condominiums and luxury resort facilities, Aqua can assist in developing the experience needed for both business and leisure travelers.
About Zeftron® Nylon
For more than 40 years, Zeftron® nylon has continued to deliver more value-added opportunities and advantages to the commercial interiors marketplace through dedicated partnerships, a premium branded nylon 6 product and superior service. Based in Dalton, Ga., the brand brings a history of innovations and unparalleled style, performance and environmental attributes. All Zeftron nylon yarns are closed-loop recyclable, MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified and come standard with a minimum 25 percent recycled content. As part of the brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship, Zeftron nylon makes recycling easy with its 6ix Again Recycling Program – a simple to use, all-inclusive carpet recycling initiative. Zeftron nylon is a part of Shaw Industries Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.

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A Look Ahead at 2014


As we get ready to say goodbye to 2013, Zeftron is excited for the year ahead.  For architect and design firms, 2013 was a “decent” year – especially when compared to years prior.

For A&D firms specializing in hospitality projects, 2013 was a growth year.  According to Interior Design magazine, firms reported nearly 900 projects more this year than in 2012, creating a grand total of 3,720 projects resulting in 202 million square feet.

So what will 2014 hold for the hospitality sector?  Here’s what we see:

  • Room Rates IncreasingFloor Focus magazine estimates room rates will continue to increase at a pace of about 4.5 percent for the coming year.  This can translate to more revenue and better earnings for hotels and hotel management companies.
  • Pent-Up Demand Sparking Growth – Floor Focus also estimates that pent-up demand will continue to spur more renovation projects and new construction.  Architect and design firms will continue to see opportunities for projects and revenue growth from this pent-up demand.
  • Some Markets Better Than Others — An article in Hotel Management suggests some markets are better positioned for growth than others.  Those markets “with limited supply growth and favorable demand momentum,” include San Francisco, Boston and Charlotte, among others.

From a design perspective, here’s what we expect:

  • Flooring is Essential — Flooring will continue to play a leading role in creating a space and establishing a hospitality brand’s image or identity.
  • Home-Like Feel — The trend toward comfortable settings – lobbies, rooms, etc. — will progress as Americans continue to move away from the corporate look for a more casual (almost home-like) one that reflects the character of the facility’s location.

Carpet made with Zeftron nylon can help meet these design needs.  We will be introducing new colors to our color palette in 2014.  Many of the new colors we’ll be introducing are specifically geared for the hospitality market.  In addition, our unmatched performance guarantees and recyclability characteristics offer designers the best of all worlds for the commercial carpet they specify with Zeftron nylon.

As the new year beckons, Zeftron nylon wishes you a prosperous year ahead.  We hope 2014 is filled with inspiration, and that Zeftron can be a part of the amazing spaces you create.

Let us know what you see in store for 2014.  We’d love to get your thoughts!

A Look Ahead at 2014 for the hospitality and design sector.
A Look Ahead at 2014 for the hospitality and design sector.

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