Encore Hospitality Carpet Introduces the Allure Collection

12 Broadloom Styles Made with Zeftron® Nylon Feature Innovative Design and Superior Performance

 Encore Hospitality Carpet, a hospitality division of Brumlow Mills, is introducing its Allure Collection, an attractive array of 12 highly designed broadloom styles made with Zeftron nylon. The new collection features innovative textures, colors and large and small pattern sizes. It meets both the style and performance needs for a variety of hospitality environments.


Affinity in Cognac
Annata in Shitake

A bold departure from many of today’s flooring options, the Allure Collection is aesthetically distinguished by its sense of the unexpected. Some products feature large geometric patterns and others have smaller, more traditional grid styles. The beauty includes the illusion of no repeat patterning. Colors seem to indiscriminately fade in and out, appearing and reappearing with different intensity. The weathered, distressed appearance, provides added visual intrigue. 


Nine contemporary colorways are available with hues ranging from rich tans and deep browns to subtle greys and intense yellows.

Enchant in Palomino

“With more than 100 standard options to choose from, the Allure Collection can help designers make a unique design statement for virtually any hospitality project or space they might be working on,” said Encore Hospitality Carpet President Richard Heaver.

The dynamic styling elements of the collection are made possible through Encore’s state-of-the-art Infinity manufacturing technology, and Zeftron’s solution dyed nylon 6 with superior styling, performance and recyclability advantages for commercial carpet products.

Allure products are perfect for guest rooms and public areas, including corridors, meeting rooms, ballrooms, lobbies and dining areas.

Designers can begin the process of creating the perfect carpet for their project at the Encore website: www.encorehospitalitycarpet.com.  Select patterns, colorize your designs and see how your carpet would look in a three-dimensional room scene. You can also download the room scene, as well as a color swatch, the colorways and a spec sheet to a PDF document.

About Encore Hospitality Carpet

A family owned and operated carpet manufacturer since 1981, Encore’s commitment to the latest manufacturing capabilities, processes and procedures allows customers more flexibility in providing innovative, design-oriented carpet products for Public Space and Guest Room applications. Encore is poised to service both large and small projects competitively. For more information, please visit www.encorehospitalitycarpet.com.

About Zeftron® Nylon

For more than 40 years, Zeftron® nylon has continued to deliver more value-added opportunities and advantages to the commercial interiors marketplace through dedicated partnerships, a premium branded nylon 6 product and superior service. Based in Dalton, Ga., the brand brings a history of innovations and unparalleled style, performance and environmental attributes in 120 proven colors.  All Zeftron nylon yarns are closed-loop recyclable, MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified and come standard with a minimum 25 percent recycled content. As part of the brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship, Zeftron nylon makes recycling easy with its 6ix Again Recycling Program – a simple to use, all-inclusive carpet recycling initiative. For more information, visit www.zeftronnylon.com

5 Questions with Zeftron’s Richard Radke

Zeftron nylon has been providing a premium nylon 6 product to the commercial marketplace for more than 40 years. In addition to providing a superior product, we also provide education and guidance on carpet specification to the design community.  This is done through our Zeftron nylon Field Representatives located in key markets throughout the country.  In this post, Tim Blount, Zeftron nylon’s Business Leader, talks with Marketing Specialist Richard Radke about his role with Zeftron nylon.

Tim: Thanks for taking the time to share with our readers. First, can you describe what you do in your role as Marketing Specialist at Zeftron nylon?

Richard: Essentially, I’m a resource to help specifiers and designers make educated choices about the floor covering options they have available.  Designers are bombarded with tons of information from manufacturers, but they have little time to fully digest all that is being presented.  My role, along with our Zeftron Field Reps, is to provide information about carpet and its various components, including the nylon.  We can discuss important aspects such as carpet construction, performance, stain resistance, colorfastness, environmental attributes, maintainability and warranty protection.  We can also answer questions about our mill partner’s product collections, pricing, as well as their styling capabilities and color options.

Tim:  How does your background enable you to help A&D professionals better understand the importance of Zeftron nylon in a commercial carpet product?

Richard: I have a degree in interiors and worked as a designer before joining Zeftron.  During my 20 years with Zeftron, I’ve been in constant contact with the design community.  Whether through one-on-one meetings, CEU presentations, lunch and learns, product presentations or attending industry events like NeoCon, my goal is to stay connected to what designers need in a commercial carpet product.

Zeftron Marketing Specialist Richard Radke (left) at a recent event for architects and designers in Chicago.
Zeftron Marketing Specialist Richard Radke (left) at a recent event for architects and designers in Chicago.

Tim: What are some of the more common issues you help resolve or address in your role?

Richard: Designers have so many options when it comes to a flooring choice today.  Oftentimes, designers want to know whether they should specify a carpet or hard surface product.  From a design standpoint, carpet remains an excellent and versatile solution.  The richness of color, shading, texture and styling of a carpet product is exceptional.  But beyond design, a carpet product offers multiple other benefits — superb acoustics, strong slip-resistance, excellent performance/durability and easy maintenance.  In addition, it is well documented how far carpet manufacturers have come in creating environmentally friendly products. Our nylon, for example, contains a minimum of 25 percent recycled content and can contribute to LEED credits.  Finally, carpet products are very competitively priced.

Tim: If there are architects and designers who are not aware of your role, what’s their reaction after they meet you?

Richard: When architects and designers learn about my role, they realize that I am not selling a product directly to them, since that is done through our mill partners.  Because of this, I become a resource of information to them; I can help answer their questions which might range for the very technical to the very simple.  I can take them through the carpet specification process and work with them to identify the kind of flooring solution that is best for their client and the project they are working on.

Tim: What’s the best thing about your job?

Richard: Having been a designer, I really enjoy the creative process and being able to participate in the design process is still fun.  I also enjoy working with designers who have never specified a product with our nylon before.  It is satisfying to know that I can be a resource, helping them make a decision that is best for them based on their client, their budget and their project.  Zeftron’s tagline is “Delivering More,” and I like to think that through my role and our Field Reps we can do just that for the design community.