Brilliant Colors In Design: Hot Pink & Lime Green

We recently toured the Novatel Times Square on the Interiors & Sources NYC Hotel Bus Tour. We were given a behind-the-scenes look at Novatel with designer Sara Duffy from Stonehill & Taylor who walked us through the bold expressive space.

The lobby of the Novatel Hotel in NYC is bright and expressive!
The lobby of the Novatel Times Square in NYC is bright and expressive!

As you can see, the creative and strategic use of color and creative lighting are the main focus of this lobby space. When a guest arrives they are excited, drawn to various elements around the room and they feel energized! That is the power of design.

We want to help you create a space that engages and leaves a lasting impression. That is why we created the Brilliant Collection​, made up of seven highly vibrant colors. We’re discussing these exciting new colors individually, and we look forward to hearing how you will incorporate them in your upcoming projects.

A Hint of Lime

Did you know that Green is the most seen color in the world (Independent Study: The Psychology of Color in an Interior Space). Green helps to sooth and encourage mental relaxation.

A lime can add a punch of citrus and acid to cooking. Limes can change the entire taste of a recipe with just a little squeeze! Why not add something that powerful to your next project. The addition of Zeftron nylon’s newest colors in the Brilliant Collection give every project that something extra that they need.

The Brilliant Collection
The Brilliant Collection

Liven it up with Hot Pink

Design firm Chrissis & Company Interiors recently made the statement that the use of pink has risen in popularity and that “pink – in general is just hot.” We agree!

Our new colors are designed to meet the needs of designers in a color conscious world. We are watching the trends, listening to feedback from our mill partners, and providing new exciting options for your next project. Don’t forget to read about all the colors of the Brilliant Collection! We’d love your feedback and to hear how you would harness the power of these new brilliant colors!

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Brilliant Collection or would like to partner with Zeftron on A&D visits, contact Zeftron Business Leader Tim Blount at: or 706-532-2984.

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Zeftron Nylon Adds Reps in NYC and Dallas

Zeftron nylon is a family, and we are always excited when we have new additions to our family. We are pleased to announce the addition of two new field marketing representatives!

Meet new reps Dabney & Chelsey
Meet new reps Dabney and Chelsey

Dabney Jungerman is based out of Dallas and brings a wealth of experience to her position. She has worked for several design firms, including HKS, and also served as Market Manager for one of the leading commercial furniture manufacturers. She has extensive contacts and deep understanding of the A&D community in Dallas.

Chelsey Wolf is based out New York and has 10-plus years of commercial architect and design experience, with much of that time in the hospitality sector. She is an independent designer and a member of IIDA, BITT and ASID and maintains strong connections into many of the city’s top firms.

We are continuously evaluating markets where we can add representatives to support your products made with Zeftron nylon.

If you have any questions or would like to know how Dabney, Chelsea or any of our other reps can assist you, please call or email Tim Blount at 706-532-2984 or

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