Zeftron’s Cornucopia: Five Colors Inspired by Autumn


As any designer knows, color plays a vital role in design. The right color or color scheme can evoke emotions, change perceptions and even create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Since a floor is often the largest visual space in a room, choosing the right color for this “canvas” helps set the design foundation for the space. With Zeftron nylon’s extensive color palette of 120 options, it’s easy to find the perfect color or colors for your commercial carpet.

Saturday, September 22, ushered in the official first day of Fall. Soon leaves will begin changing colors and many of us across the country will celebrate that special time of year when everything around us seems to be fully alive with a multitude of colors.

As an ode to that most colorful time of year, here are five autumnal colors from our color palette, which we hope can inspire your creative thinking for your next project.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 4.01.47 PMCoffeePerhaps no other color is more associated with autumn than a deep, coffee-colored brown.  This smooth, calm color can serve as a strong primary color for a commercial carpet, working exceptionally well in traditional workplace environments such as corporate offices, financial service firms or within law firms.
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 4.01.16 PMRegal Red– Evoking the brightness of a red apple picked at its ripe zenith, Regal Red can infuse any space with a zap of energy.  When used as an accent color with a more traditional black or brown-hued carpet, Regal Red can bring any space alive.
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 4.00.33 PMNatural Bark – A brisk walk in the cool fall air along a wooded path brings Natural Bark to the forefront.   Simultaneously tranquil yet strong, this intriguing color with depth and dimension brings a sense of warmth and an organic feel to any space.

ApricotApricot– This color says it all.  Depending on the space, Apricot can serve just as well as a primary color or as an accent color.  This trend-forward color embodies the soothing essence of nature, and can help bring the healing powers of the outside into your commercial space.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 4.12.09 PMTerra Cotta – Organically inspired, Terra Cotta combines the warmness of its red hints with the power of a darker hue. The result? A color that can positively affect the mood of a space while also helping accentuate the furniture and furnishings of that space.


If you’re interested in learning how commercial carpet made with Zeftron nylon can help you achieve the look and design you need for your next project,  please visit our Design Process page:

Here’s wishing you all a bountiful season of color and great design!


Zeftron Nylon and Partners Host Networking Event for Designers and Architects


On Wednesday, July 18, Zeftron Nylon hosted a wine and cheese networking event at architect and design firm, Fogarty Finger, in New York City. The event was held to showcase how Zeftron and its partners, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries and Koraseal Interior Products®, cater directly to the commercial interior design market.

Representatives from all three companies met with designers to mix and mingle, share what’s new in the marketplace, and introduce themselves as a resource for future design projects.

While sipping wine and enjoying light snacks, attendees were allowed to tour Fogarty Finger’s showroom to see how Bloomsburg’s carpets made with Zeftron could be paired with Koraseal’s wallcoverings to create a dazzling commercial space.


Bloomsburg Carpet Industries is universally recognized as an industry leader in luxury, quality and innovative carpet design by consistently introducing new colors, textures and patterns that enhance both traditional and contemporary commercial and residential spaces. The company was founded in 1976 by Raymond P. Habib in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Koroseal Interior Products is an Ohio-based leader in contract wall covering and interior products, producing some of the most recognized brands in the interiors market today, including: Koroseal® and Vicrtex® wallcoverings, Korogard® wall protection and Walltalkers® dry erase presentation wallcoverings.

Zeftron was pleased to host this very special event and is happy to coordinate a similar one for other designers in the future.  


If you’d like to know how we can work with you in the New York area, please contact Chelsey Wolf at For other areas contact Richard Radke, Zeftron National Marketing Manager, at

To see all of the other ways in which we support our mill partners and the commercial design community, please visit or follow us on social media!



Color abounds at NeoCon!  These beautiful colors are inspiring us to never, ever stop creating. If you need a kick start to get your juices flowing, take a look at some of the colors we saw on Day 2 of NeoCon.
Feast your eyes on this beautiful installation by the main escalator by Mannington Commercial! This is for their Morié Collection.
Some of the many rainbow chairs that we saw today! With today’s innovative and efficient manufacturing processes, it’s rather simple to create furnishings with a wide range of color choices.
Here is a display of many different NeoCon rugs over the years. Many of these are Edward Field’s rugs.
Check out the other colors that we wanted to make a note of at the Merchandise Mart below!

NeoCon 2018 Takes on Day 1: Things and Designs that Caught Our Eye

We were enthralled with the beauty of all of the wonderful design that is gracing the Mart on Day one of NeoCon. Here are some fascinating odds and ends that caught our eye today.


Talk about eye-catching.. this is a custom hide by Green Hides that was created with a laser then applied on a printed material.


This Alexander Girard design titled “Stairsteps” was for a cocktail napkin from the 50’s. Here it is reimagined as a cloth rug. (Maharam)


Here is the “Green Wall” at Knoll. There are a lot of natural materials featured in the furnishings industry this year.


These designs are inspired by objects in the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and the Museum of International Folk Art

Take a look at these designs and more that we enjoyed on Day 1 below!


Encore Hospitality Carpet Introduces the Jovia Collection

Made with 100 Percent Zeftron® Nylon, the Jovia Collection Embodies The Joyful Essence of Discovery


Playful textures, stylized geometrics, and rich, yet whimsical colors invite discovery and adventure through Encore Hospitality Carpet’s newest collection, Jovia.  Made with 100 percent Zeftron nylon, the collection meets the ultimate design and performance requirements for myriad hospitality environments, from lobbies, corridors and conference rooms to ballrooms and other public space venues.


This custom collection is available in either Encore’s Colorpoint or Colortec technology.  Carpet made with Encore’s Colorpoint technology provide luxurious textures in varying heights from a cut and loop construction.  The company’s advanced Colortec yarn placement system creates the luxurious look and feel of a woven carpet, accomplished by advanced tufting technology. Zeftron’s superior styling flexibility and unmatched solution-dyed color quality are inherent throughout each style.

“This collection is inspired by a wanderlust spirit,” said Encore’s Design Director Christina Bowlby.  “It embodies the delight that comes from a journey – any journey – where adventure, discovery, and happiness lead you along paths that were unknown or unforeseen.”


Each style from the collection can be viewed, colorized and selected for a three-dimensional room scene from Encore’s website,  The room scene, along with a color swatch, the colorways and a spec sheet can be downloaded from the site as desired.

Designers and specifiers wanting more information can contact their local Encore or Zeftron sales representative, or they can visit or


Creative Flows in Florence

This last installment of my Tuscan blog takes a look at Florence.  The Arno River, a calming influence in the center of the bustling city, provides people who stop and observe with a time for reflection both figuratively and literally.  Whether it is reflecting the cloud filled sky, the ancient towers and bridges or the more recent buildings, the reflections enable contemplation or reflective thoughts.

The deep blue waters of the Arno add a very serene aspect to Florence.  During a leisurely lunch, we were able to sit back, relax and enjoy the water’s reflections of the surrounding buildings and even the flight of several herons.  We sat with a view of the Ponte Vecchio which is very busy with shoppers and tourists, but the river worked its magic and we enjoyed the water’s ability to soften the hard-edged world around us and create interesting and provocative designs in the water.

All in all, our trip was very enjoyable and while we took in some tourist attractions like Siena and Pisa as well, we generally tried to slow down and let this old land speak to us. Design inspiration comes in many ways, but it comes easier when you step back from the busy workday schedule and really take in your environment. What do you find most effective when you need to become one with your environment and get the creative juices flowing?


Fanciful Florals as Alluring Accents

This second installment of my blog on Tuscany focuses on flowers and the colorful accent that they provide.  The balconies with their abundance of flowers may be a bit of a cliché but they provide a beautiful counterpoint to the atmospheric, earthy tones found in the hillsides, fields and vineyards of the region.  There are many accents of flowers all over Italy, providing a pop of color that simply brightens your day.  This entrance and view across from it are near Greve atop a hill that is accessed by a very narrow winding road.  We had an excellent lunch there (and excellent wine as well) which was worth the harrowing ride!

An unusual view of Siena.  Typical of the walled cities, the buildings are very densely packed into the area protected by the wall.  This green area was farther out from the famous Piazza del Campo which is handsome in its own way but not very green!  Our accommodations at Il Palagio, an agriturismo combining a winery with 5 apartments, had views of the countryside and many areas to take it in.  Carefully placed accents add to the experience in Tuscany.  Some occur naturally, and others are meticulously placed by Italian hands, but they are nonetheless inspiring.

From the church of Santa Maria in Panzano to a rooftop terrace in Florence on the Piazza Santo Spirito, Tuscan buildings are enhanced with flowers.  We viewed the rooftop terrace from the balcony of our hotel, the Palazzo Guadagni.  This former residence was a 16th century palace repurposed into a hotel with magnificent high-ceilinged rooms and balcony views of the piazza.  There are numerous vantage points from which to view the inspiring countryside, piazzas, buildings and brightly colored accents in Tuscany.

While flowers are a prominent colorful addition to the Tuscan countryside, painted stucco, red tiled roofs, figured marble and ancient architecture all provide for a very interesting and inspiring visit.

Accents can either make or break a design and it’s important that they are placed just right. As you can see, a contrasting accent can provide a piercing pop of color. In your experience, which color schemes typically demand eye catching accents?