Zeftron Nylon Brings New Art-Inspired Encore Hospitality Carpet Collection to Life

Our mill partner, Encore Hospitality Carpet, debuted their new Montage Collection at this year’s Boutique Design New York. Inspired by art in its various forms, styles, and techniques, Montage consists of more than 30 new broadloom carpet designs in multiple colorways and patterns. Featuring the exceptional color quality for which Zeftron is known, and manufactured with Encore’s state-of-the-art Colorpoint and Infinity technologies, the collection offers sophisticated and contemporary styles for guest rooms, corridors, and public spaces.

A Masterful Collaboration

Encore’s product design team skillfully utilized Zeftron to bring its vision for the Montage Collection to life. Only Zeftron – with its complete color palette of more than 120 colors and its easy-to-use styling flexibility – could create the desired look of the collection. Montage’s patterns showcase an all-encompassing appreciation of art, from modern graphic structures to previously hidden, but now unearthed and discovered masterpieces. A truly unique mosaic of patterns and motifs, all designs within the collection incorporate elements of curated pieces obtained over time, displayed to inspire and be enjoyed by others.

Montage’s sophisticated color palette reflects a focus of warm greys and indigo. Some of the colors chosen from the Zeftron palette include Blue Stone, Midnight Orchid, Marshwood, Puritan Grey, Sand, and Cedar. The colors bring a mid-century modern aesthetic, combining a richness and masculinity with soft feminine touches from lighter earth tones. Accents of blush tones in both brick rusts and nude beiges highlight the designs with visual layering.

“While art might be one of the simplest ways to express creativity and individual expression, it is often the most impactful,” said Encore Hospitality Carpet Creative Director Lisa Herreth. “The Montage collection was designed to create comforting hospitality spaces, with plush, impactful carpet embellishing the environment. And, just like art, the patterns and motifs can be subtly incorporated into any commercial space as an alluring backdrop or can stand alone to make a bold, attractive statement. Whatever the need, Montage can serve as a designer’s muse.”

With its passion for the arts, Encore is donating a portion of each Montage style specified to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, a public charity that provides art and music supplies to children and young adults throughout the world.

Personalization and Performance

Custom colorations are available to personalize the design scheme for virtually any hospitality and commercial space-based on desired aesthetic or budget.

The Montage styles are available in various ounce weights to suit a variety of project performance and budget requirements. Further, Zeftron backs all Montage styles containing Zeftron yarns with lifetime warranties. Montage products can also contribute to LEED points since Zeftron is an MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified brand that comes standard with a minimum of 25 percent recycled content in every color.

Designers wanting more information can visit the Encore website. And to learn more about the high-quality Zeftron colors that made the collection possible, visit our Colorline page.



5 Unexpected Fall Colors to Inspire Your Next Design

As October creeps toward November, fall is in full force. Even in the South, where summer is reluctant to release its humid grip, the colors of the new season are beginning to emerge. And what colors! This change of season is one of nature’s most spectacular shows. The leaves change, shortening days soften the sun’s light, and approaching holidays put us all in a cozier mood. It’s the perfect inspiration for a design made to comfort and inspire feelings of warmth. But while browns, oranges, and reds may jump to mind when thinking of fall, there’s more to the season’s palette than these tried and true shades. Here are five less expected colors that fall has to offer.

Grass: For many, fall means football. And while your front lawn may be fading to a soft brown or yellow, in stadiums across America, fields both natural and artificial are showing their proud colors. Whether it’s high school games under the Friday night lights, college football Saturdays, or tailgating on Sunday, football fields are a big part of what makes fall special. And it allows us to hold onto this soothing natural shade a little longer before winter blots it out.

Regal Blue: As the year draws to a close and days grow shorter, darker skies greet us as we wake up in the morning and twilight approaches earlier in the evening. But rather than mourning the loss of daylight, celebrate the beautiful, deep blue that lends autumn a moody, even spooky air. This velvety shade adds an instantly lush vibe to any design that uses it.

Citrine: When you think of fall yellows, you might imagine deep golden hues that seem to glow from within or bright citrus shades with hints of orange. But the sun lighting these scenes has its own soft yellow light. It slips through clouds to fall on leaves drifting to the ground. It will grow even more pale as winter approaches. But for now its buttery beams are like Golden Hour all day long.

True Burgundy: While the turkey may steal the show at Thanksgiving, we have to highlight the most colorful dish on the holiday table: cranberry sauce. This lusciously saturated shade captures the mood of the season with rich undertones of red and purple. Add it to your next design for a pop of color that toes the line between intense and subtle.

Sundried: We couldn’t really talk about fall colors without some shade of orange or red, and this rusty color is the best of both worlds. It also perfectly taps into the trend of warmer colors that we’re seeing in design right now. It can easily stand out against beige or taupe neutrals or blend with other shades of red, orange, or yellow.

What are your favorite colors of the season? How do you like to incorporate them into your designs? Share with us in the comments and learn about Zeftron’s extensive range of colors here:


Zeftron Delivers More with Profile Booklet

Imagine holding in your hands the story of Zeftron nylon. What would that story include? Over 40 years of innovation, performance, and sustainability. Crisp, vibrant colors that help you bring your design vision to life. That’s what our recently created profile booklet is all about.

We’ve distilled it all into a booklet available as a download or physical copy to introduce designers and specifiers to Zeftron as well as to remind our trusted partners about the elements that make our yarn system unique. What you’ll find inside are the core pillars of our company that have stood the test of time.

Clear, Vibrant Colors

Our premium solution-dyed nylon is available in an extensive range of colors. So whatever you dream up for your design, there’s a Zeftron color to help bring it to life.


Carpets made with Zeftron nylon stand up to the toughest commercial environments. From hotels and conference centers to airports and corporate offices, Zeftron nylon fibers will remain vibrant and beautiful.


Zeftron nylon is fully Cradle to Cradle Certified™ and made with a minimum of 25 percent recycled content. We’re committed to sustainability and keeping carpet waste out of landfills so that our environment remains as beautiful as our product for generations to come.


At Zeftron, we truly value our customers. So whether it’s creating a custom color to suit your unique project or standing behind our product with lifetime warranties, we’re here for you.

Want to learn more about Zeftron nylon? Download our profile booklet today. 


The Top 5 Color Trends We Spotted at NeoCon 2019

For much of the country, June means the start of summer and all that brings: vacations, beach reads, and warmer temperatures. But in the contract design world, June means one thing: NeoCon. The annual convention is an opportunity to launch new products, celebrate inspired design, and forecast trends. We spent three whirlwind days in Chicago soaking up the sights and shades and we’ve sorted through it all to bring you what we believe are the biggest trends of the year.

Trend #1: Grayed Out Palettes

Millennial Pink has dominated modern color palettes for years with its soft, nearly neutral take on the bubblegum shade of decades past. Now, it seems that designers are applying the same treatment to other hues. We saw everything from blues to greens to oranges toned down with grays for a softer, more sophisticated feel. Even patterns got the gray treatment. Shades of charcoal, slate, and ash were shot through with brighter colors to give off a complex, textured feel.

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Trend #2: Saturated Colors

On the other end of the spectrum, some designers turned up the volume with saturated hues that popped against more neutral backgrounds. Many were laced with elements of white or gray for crispness, and bright shades formed focal points to highlight standout product design. Meanwhile, some designers went for all-out clashing, dipping into opposite sides of the color wheel for maximum contrast.

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Trend #3: Yellows and Oranges

Whether softened with gray tones or dialed all the way up, sunny shades of yellow and orange stole the show in many displays. Perhaps designers were inspired by Pantone’s summery choice of Living Coral for its 2019 color of the year. Or they could be looking ahead to the latest color of the moment: Gen Z Yellow. This color of the next big generation was in evidence in many booths, displacing its mellower predecessor, Millennial Pink. A few steps away on the color wheel, the oranges of 2019 tend towards rusty terracotta shades that pair well with the gray, taupe, and blond wood popular in many modern designs.

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Trend #4: Metallics

Trends always seem to go in cycles. So as we’ve seen the resurgence of midcentury-modern design and eighties and nineties styles in fashion, it was only a matter of time before the high-tech metallics of the early 2000s reappeared. And with the new millennium nearing its third decade, we might be seeing the first hint of this trend. The metallic elements at NeoCon 2019 ranged from subtle sheens and accents among the grayed-out palettes to coated fabrics that seemed to step straight out of sci-fi.

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Trend #5: Bauhaus is Back

With 2019 marking the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school’s founding, several designers paid homage to the original modernist movement. Geometric prints composed of primary colors evoked the back to basics aesthetic the movement espoused while softly colored versions and the prominence of plaid in many displays seemed to give a subtle nod to the style with an updated twist.

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As we move into the second half of the year, we’ll be bringing you our take on the rising trends we think will be prominent in future designs. What colors are you hoping will surge to popularity?


Using Art to Create Sense of Place: 4 Color Palettes Inspired by Famous Paintings

As summer approaches and schools let out for the year, it’s time to start thinking about vacation. And while many will take the opportunity to enjoy beaches, theme parks, and camping sites, there’s another vacation attraction that will not only give you a break from the everyday but can also help inspire your next design. Whether you’re a regular at your local gallery or haven’t stepped foot inside an art museum since elementary school field trips, you should consider squeezing in some art appreciation to your upcoming vacation.

We’ve gathered four of the most famous paintings in the world to show you exactly why. The colors, texture, and movement of these masterpieces provide the perfect jumping off point for thinking about your next design. And each of these pieces beautifully lends itself to a different type of space or style.

Coffeehouse Chic: The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Even if you’ve never set foot in the Louvre, you’ve probably admired the lit-from-within glow and enigmatic smile of Da Vinci’s master work. From the exquisite brushwork to the mystery surrounding its subject, The Mona Lisa has captivated art lovers for over 500 years. And the painting’s warm, earthy tones are the perfect inspiration for a cozy gathering space like a hotel coffee shop. Just looking at that color palette, we can almost smell the beans roasting already.

Flights of Fancy: Starry Night by Van Gogh

It’s easy to get lost in the swirling lights of Van Gogh’s most famous painting, and the surreal rendering of trees, hills, and churches invites viewers to imagine fantastical landscapes. Which is why it’s the perfect inspiration to draw on when designing for an airport or other transportation hub. The dreamy, dynamic quality of the strokes renders a vision in motion that echoes the racing clouds outside an airplane window or streaking landscape as a train races across the country.

Health and Harmony: Monet’s Water Lilies

Monet created over 200 paintings in his Water Lilies series and the massive canvases depicting the garden in his backyard decorate the walls of museums the world over. For decades, the artist returned to his garden, daubing meditative strokes onto canvas to create works that seem to move with the lazy flow of a pond. Water Lilies is wonderful inspiration for a healthcare design where its soothing colors and natural subject can help stressed staff and patients relax, leading to more positive outcomes.

Romantic Rendezvous: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

There’s nothing quite as dynamic and electrifying as love and Klimt’s gold-toned rendering of a couple’s embrace perfectly captures the feeling. The discordant patterns of the man and woman meld with an almost glowing background until they become almost a single being. What could be better for inspiring the design of a luxurious honeymoon suite or romantic getaway spot? Vibrant greens and reds excite passion while warm golds and yellows will give guest all the warm and fuzzy feelings of a loving embrace.

Surprise, Delight, and Inspire: Edvard Munch’s The Scream

Edvard Munch’s disturbing work, commonly known as The Scream, may seem like an unlikely inspiration for a design but if you’ve ever felt the nearly electric shock of a great idea hitting you, then you know that inspiration isn’t always comfortable. And when we focus in on Munch’s palette for this work, we can easily see the seeds of an inspiring design. The shades of brown and black literally ground the viewer at the forefront of the piece as bright orange and dark blue create swirling movements like the machinations of a wild imagination. The orange becomes a focal point that draws our thoughts to less concrete and more innovative ideas, perfect for a corporate environment searching for the next game-changing strategy or product.

Have any of your designs been inspired by famous works of art? What’s your favorite painting? Let us know in the comments!


5 Spring-Inspired Colors to Refresh Your Next Design Project

After months of bare trees and snow-blanketed landscapes, the world is bursting into bloom with the arrival of spring. And with a new season comes fresh design inspiration, courtesy of Mother Nature herself. Spring is the perfect time to inject life and vitality into your next design project with accents of bold, bright colors that you might otherwise shy away from. Follow the lead of the natural world with these five, springy colors from Zeftron’s Brilliance Collection.

Lemon: You know spring is on its way when brave, sunny daffodils poke their way up out of the snow. These bright yellow flowers are the first promise of spring and their warm, energetic hue is the perfect way to capture the hope of the season in your next design. The positive emotional associations and energizing effects of lemon yellow make it a wonderful accent in health and wellness spaces, where it evokes the excitement of new beginnings.

Electric Blue: While April showers bring May flowers, the longer sunlight hours of spring also bring a bright blue sky that provides a welcome break from the gray clouds of winter. Electric Blue is an invigorating twist on the usually tranquil shade and is perfect for calling to mind the openness of clear water and freedom of a far-stretching sky. Maybe that’s why many transportation, communications, and tech companies have embraced this hopeful hue.

Lime: As the weather grows warmer and the natural world comes back to life, the bare branches and ground of winter give way to a refreshing green. It’s no surprise that green, especially its bright lime shade, is associated with growth, nature, and fertility. If the daffodil’s yellow petals are the first sign of spring, green grass and bright leaves signify that the new season is here to stay. Lighten up the emeralds and hunter greens of fall and winter designs with an accent of their brighter cousin to invoke a feeling of renewed energy.

Hot Pink: Across the globe, the beginning of spring is marked with festivals and celebrations to one of the season’s showiest spectacles: the cherry blossom. These delicate pink blooms appear just as spring arrives, blanketing trees from Japan to Europe to our nation’s capital. Capture the sweetness of this natural wonder in your next design with playful pops of hot pink, inspiring everyone who sees it to feel a little lighter and younger.

Brilliant Orange: As spring reaches its zenith and moves towards the warm, lazy days of summer, tulips spring up in every shade of the rainbow. But one of their most standout colors is vivid, brilliant orange. Like the yellow of daffodils, orange’s warmth evokes the sun’s optimism and energy. It’s often used by sports teams to invigorate players and fans alike and can do the same for your next design project!

To learn about our extensive color palette and how commercial carpet made with Zeftron can help you achieve the perfect look for your next design project, visit our Design Process page:


Can Jersey Color Predict the Winner of the Big Game?

The Big Game is only days away and, like a lot of people, we’re excited to see the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams. In the lead up to the biggest game of the season, the Rams announced they would be sporting their bright blue and yellow “throwback” jerseys instead of their regular, darker blue jerseys. Being color connoisseurs, we wondered if this choice might be a winning strategy for taking down the five-time champs. Could jersey colors be the key to predicting the winners of this weekend’s championship? Let’s take a look.

When it comes to color theory and team jerseys, red usually has the edge over other colors. The aggressive, dominant associations with the color red can boost athletes’ confidence as well as intimidate their opponents. Studies have even shown that teams with red uniforms are more successful than those with any other color. The Patriots do have red accents on the uniforms they’ll be sporting for the Big Game, but is that enough to put them over the top? Maybe not, but they do have an unexpected advantage from a color that’s often overlooked: white.

That’s right, the most understated color might just be the key to winning. While in other sports, aggressive red might be the best way to go. But in football, it can actually be a disadvantage as referees are more likely to call penalties on teams with red jerseys. Maybe that’s why only one team in the last twenty years has won the Big Game wearing red jerseys. White, on the other hand, has a big advantage. Our associations with this color of being good, clean, and fresh might help football teams avoid penalty calls that would set them back. Or perhaps, it could make opponents perceive them as less threatening, underestimating their ability to win. Either way, white jerseys certainly have an edge in the championship. Fourteen of the last twenty winners have done it wearing white jerseys.

So does this mean the Patriots are on their way to another championship? The odds are definitely in their favor, but don’t count the Rams out yet. Blue’s association with intelligence, integrity, and security may work in their favor. Bolstered by the confidence that yellow inspires, they might just be the fourth team in the last twenty years to take home the trophy wearing this calm, cool color.

What do you think? How much of a subconscious role does color play in determining winners or losers? And more importantly, who do you think will win this weekend’s Big Game?