Custom Carpets- Part One: Understanding The Basics

PacifiCrest Senior Designer Julie Baird
PacifiCrest Senior Designer Julie Baird

By Julie Baird @Juliembaird

A custom-designed carpet can be an excellent solution for designers looking to create a signature space.  In part one of this two-part blog, PacifiCrest Senior Designer Julie Baird provides designers several tips to keep in mind when thinking about creating a custom carpet for their project.

Q.  Let’s start with the basics.  When would a designer want to choose a custom design over a running line?

There are several reasons.  First and foremost, a custom carpet is a great way to make a project unique or add a signature design style.  An example is when an organization wants to incorporate its colors or even its logo into the design of the carpet. A custom carpet works really well in a college or university setting where you’re trying to drive school spirit.  It could also be great for a fun corporate environment, think Google.  Actually, it can work for any market segment where a designer wants to make a design statement.

Additionally, depending on the physical dimensions of the space or the requirements of the flooring surface, a running line simply may not be the best solution. If a designer can envision it, a custom carpet can make it a reality.

Q.  What are the challenges or drawbacks to a custom product?

The biggest challenge is usually determining which construction and yarn system will best meet the project’s requirements.  This process can be complex depending on design intent.  However, we can typically make these determinations pretty quickly.  In our system, doing a custom color is not much different than ordering a standard product.  Often we can deliver custom products more quickly than competitors can deliver running line products.

Zeftron offers colors that can make your custom carpet come to life
Zeftron offers colors that can make your custom carpet come to life

Q.  Does a custom carpet allow a designer to add more sustainability or performance characteristics to the finished product?

Yes. For example, most healthcare jobs require a solution-dyed yarn like Zeftron nylon because they demand high performance and colorfast properties.  Between our mill’s capabilities and that of our partners like Zeftron nylon, we can deliver a product to the exact specifications the designer desires.

Q.  What do designers need to keep in mind before embarking on a custom design process?

It’s essential designers consider these key elements before starting down the path of a custom designed product:

  • Budget – Have a flooring budget in place
  • Yardage – Know the amount of yards for the flooring space you want covered
  • Market Segment – Identify the market: hospitality, education, corporate, healthcare, etc.
  • Application – Know where the carpet will be used and how much traffic it will endure
  • Lighting – Understand how much sunlight the carpet will be subjected to
  • Desired Design Aesthetic or Style – Tell us your design vision for the carpet
  • Colors – Let us know the colors you’re considering
PacifiCrest is one of Zeftron's Mill Partners
PacifiCrest is one of Zeftron’s Mill Partners

Check back soon for Part Two where Julie will discuss the options and tools available to designers to see a custom carpet through to completion. For more information on Pacificrest visit their website

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